Why Fast Company Won’t Exist Long Before 2016

So Fast Company posted an article entitled Six Jobs That Won’t Exist in 2016. Hey Fast Company Staff get your heads out of your collective asses and stop with the paginated articles … especially when you don’t need them … if you don’t people will stop reading you and you won’t be around to see if your predictions came true … [Continue reading Why Fast Company Won’t Exist Long Before 2016]

Interview with Merrick Lozano of PRLeap.com

I know everybody says it but one of the most important parts of Pubcon is the networking. I met Mario and Merrick Lozano of PRLeap and had a great time “talking shop” one night. Merrick was nice enough to do an interview and answer a few questions about himself and his company.

E-Commerce It’s Not Just for Rich Broads

I came across a report today in InternetRetailer.com

Internet Based TV Network

Earlier this week Google launched Google Video, a service which allows you to download and play videos. Some big time players are participating in the distribution like CBS and the NBA. While some of these videos are free many of them have a nominal download fee (currently $$3.95 or less). This puts them on a level playing field with ITunes … [Continue reading Internet Based TV Network]