Rebecca Kelley – Local Search Interview

In this interview we’re talking with Rebecca Kelley of

Hi Rebecca and thanks for talking to us today, let’s imagine your aren’t a search marketer for just a moment, what type of local searches do you do?

I’ve done searches for fitness facilities, hair salons, restaurants, and other general things where I know what I want to find but don’t have a specific store or brand in mind.

Now at SEOmoz I know you have a few SEO clients. Do you see any
showing an interest in local search?

Actually, all of the companies we’ve worked with so far have wanted us to help build their brand as a global or nationwide presence, so we haven’t really worked with any clients who want help with creating a local visibility.

Let’s say you get a new client who’s really focused on local search. What’s different in the way you’re going to approach it?

We would probably register their site with Yahoo! and Google’s local search portals, encourage content that centers on local relevance, find local directories and register with them, and try to create some visibility with popular local sites, such as Citysearch, Seattle’s NWsource, New York’s Village Voice, etc. (Obviously, we’d target the sites that are appropriate for our client and his location.)

Let’s talk about smaller Mom & Pop type operations. What are some quick and easy things they can do to help the search engines find and notice them?

We’d probably recommend that they register with the major search engines’ local search portals and, if they serve ads, to locally serve/ geotarget them. Those are probably the quickest and simplest things to do.

One last question: Let’s try to look forward. Where do you see local search going in the next few years?

Local search has been gaining momentum, and I don’t see that slowing down any time soon. I think it especially has great potential with mobile search. A lot of companies are missing out on a huge opportunity to gain visibility with local search, since it’s still pretty underutilized, so I’d recommend taking advantage of it now before it becomes too difficult to do so later on.

Thanks for taking part in our interview, if you’d like to read from Rebecca be sure to stop by the SEOMoz blog.


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