The Corrupted Screenwriter

The following is a guest post by a friend of mine, he’s a screen writer by trade and not an internet marketer. But I have exposed him to enough of the SEO world that it’s made a difference … mg

So I was at a Hollywood party tonight.  A good buddy of mine is finally tucking his tail between his legs and fleeing back for his home state, because he’s had enough of L.A. (for now at least).

Now, this guy has a very pervasive personality and makes regular posts on his Facebook wall, so I suggested he try out Twitter as I believed he could create quite a following for himself.  I further pointed out that by utilizing the Facebook Twitter app, he could consolidate his content by having his Twitter feed also appear on his Facebook wall.

He was excited, he was enthused, yet he never showed up on Twitter.  I finally asked why and received the response, “My other friends say Twitter is dead.”

I’m going to do that again.

So I’m at his going away party tonight and out of the blue he drunkenly drags this other guy up to me and says, “Tell him.  This is the guy.  Tell him!”

And this new son of a bitch looks at me and smirks, “Twitter is Facebook without pictures and fewer features.  And only 80 characters?  90?”  Then does this, “Who the fuck would be dumb enough to use that?!” kind of shrug.

I wanted to tell him, “Because your Facebook wall is never going to expand beyond your list of IRL friends unless you find celebrity in another medium and your fans seek you out.  With Twitter, you have the capability of building a following based solely on the quality of your content and comprised not of friends, but of fans from the ground up.  You will not transform yourself into a brand on Facebook, but you can on Twitter and carry that brand into other mediums.”

I didn’t of course.  The douche-bag was obviously beyond all hope, and… well… I’m an asshole and already had someone more interesting to talk to, but it occurred to me that I had been corrupted.  The few small steps I’ve ventured into your industry from my own has left me shaking my head at these moron Hollywood sheep people who think they’re on the cutting edge, because they use Facebook.

Sincerely, thank you.


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