Reputation Defender – Virtual Arm Twisting

Have we reached the point where we need virtual tough guys to twist people’s arms to get them to comply to our will? It would seem to be the case if you believe in a new company known as Reputation Defender. They offer two services one designed to protect children the other for adults according to Reputation Defenders about us page they will

To DESTROY, at your command, all inaccurate, inappropriate, hurtful, and slanderous information about you and/or your child using our proprietary in-house methodology.


Kind of interesting I wonder what methods Reputation Defender will be using. If someone was to try to bully me into taking down content that wasn’t violating any laws I’d blog about it.

Learn More About Reputation Defender
ReputationDefender.comOfficial Website
Reputaton Defender – via Netscape
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Reputation Defender – Defending the Beast
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Reputation Defender – via Threadwatch
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