What I Miss About Not Working at Google

I’m a curious person, I like to experiment, try new things, read and learn. You wouldn’t know it by looking at my permanent record or report card since I graduated high school 374th out of 400. You also wouldn’t know it looking at my college transcripts because I tried going to college twice and dropped out both times, but believe me when I say I really do like to learn.

One of the things that I find interesting about going to search engine conferences is meeting and talking with folks who are passionate and love search. I really like talking about trying to unravel the knotted ball of yarn that’s involved in being an SEO with other people who get it.

I also like tying together search with programming, business, entertainment, usability, psychology, and at least a dozen other disciplines, sort of a digital renaissance man if you will. To quench this appetite I read about 10-15 books a year. I wish I could attend more seminars or classes but I just don’t have time.

Within the past two days Scott aka Web Professor posted links to two videos of seminars that were given at Google. Strike Up The Brand: How to Design for Branding and Badvertisements: Stealthy Click Fraud with Unwitting Accessories. I found these videos amazingly interesting. Listening to intelligent people talk about things that I find interesting is really a bright spot in my day, it just gets the gray cells moving. I know they do these little seminars at Google pretty regularly and to be completely honest I’m massively jealous I don’t get to go. I’m not sure how many people actually work at the plex but it makes me sad that both of those discussions weren’t packed to capacity.

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