Want an Editorially Approved Link Become a Google Partner

in this mornings post I chastised Google for giving straight links to partners, However now I’ve found a whole bunch more

Here’s a Google adwords customer Happy Hounds getting an editorially approved link from Google, lets not forget twiddy.com or cordarounds.com not to worry while they may keep other robots out but they let googlebot in in robots.txt (that was close they almost complied with their own guidelines on that one)

here’s a bunch more from Google Checkout.

and here’s some from Google analytics you have to click the merchants name but the link for “learn more on their site” looks clean to me.

Don’t worry askthebuilder on Google adsense we didn’t forget that you are giving out editorially approved links too

Matt Cutts commented that some of the links in the first post were Ok because they were editorially given. However it seems google is pretty loose with links being editorially given with their partners

Maybe linkbrokers just need to start rebranding themselves as “editorial link partners” for 2008 😉

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