Techcrunch Scared of Google and Caves in Like a School Girl

Don’t think Google’s war on paid links has an effect on how you do business, then let’s take a look at Michael Arrington and TechCrunch, here’s a look at a November “thank the sponsors” post:

TechCrunch Sponsors

Now here’s a look at this weekspost

TechCrunch Sponsors2

Notice all those pink outlines around the links indicating the nofollow tag, that’s because Michael Arrington of TechCrunch, who normally isn’t afraid of anyone, is scared of Google. Plain and simple Techcrunch caved in allowing Google to dictate how they do business.

That’s right boys and girls when the people who we used to trust and respect as thought leaders are afraid to stand up to our Google overlords what chance do you or anyone else have … how long is it before the Google in Cory Doctorow’s radar online story changes from fiction to reality and we all live in a world controlled by Google …

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