Matt Cutts Wants You To Help Fight Spam

If you needed any further evidence that Google is ramming personal search and Google accounts down your throat for their own self interests you need look no further than the latest Google Patent about removing documents.

Here’s the part you want to pay attention to:

41. The method of claim 40, wherein aggregating information regarding documents that have been removed by a group of users includes: identifying a set of legitimate users and a set of illegitimate users; and collecting information regarding documents that have been removed by the set of legitimate users.

So how do you think they’ll identify legitimate users? Maybe people who have verified Google accounts and log in daily or stay logged in. Maybe they’ll also consider the age of the accounts. Maybe they’ll look at the number of searches people who are logged in are doing and rate them by activity. If they can track who and how much I read they certainly know how much I search. Think this might be related to them discontinuing the soap search API? Ajax is much easier to authenticate as a real user they can track the actual mouse movements and clicks, if Crazy egg can figure it out I’m sure the boys at the ‘plex can, that’s why they force you to use the new ajax based API. I predict we’re going to see an AJAX based SERP in less than 12 months time.

Smart folks saw this coming in 2005, the rest of you better start looking at defensible traffic and finding ways to build it the sun is starting to set on the days of link based algorithms.

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