Is Matt Cutts Pulling the “I Did You a Favor” Card

C’mon Matt you either do things because they are the right thing to do or don’t do them at all, I don’t think you want to get into the Google’s did you a favor, now stop bad mouthing us card at all. Bringing up stuff like this just makes people question your motivation …

Why get into a back-and-forth? It will be a linkbait for Aaron and you could use that time to write more posts about general topics. I believe if Google took some action, it was probably reasonable, especially since you did some extra work to help Aaron last year when he was being sued by another company.

If you want to tackle something a bit more relevant let’s bring up off topic linkbait and why you think it’s no only OK, and give it the stamp of approval by linking to it yourself (for those of you who missed it he linked to a chiropractors website just because he transcribed matt’s session).

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