Re Inclusion Requests Only For Verified Sites

I’ve submitted more than one reinclusion request over the years,  and the process was education in some ways (what you don’t think you can experiment with that too under the proper well planned and thought out conditions?). However I was looking at something in webmaster central recently and was reminded of something that bothered me. By default google shows you the screen shot below with the “request reconsideration” message showing.


It’s always been my opinion that Google shouldn’t show you the message unless a website that is in your profile has been removed … don’t even try and give me some malarkey about how do they know … cause please just because you might have just fallen of the turnip truck of naivety doesn’t mean I did …

Any who I clicked through to see if maybe Google had decided to do the right thing and saw a new change, instead of a single form line where you send google your URL, you now get a drop down option box listing all of the websites that you have verified


I guess this is Google’s way of verifying you have some level of ownership or editorial control over the domain you are making the request for. Not sure when this change got pushed out, but I haven’t seen it before.

Yes you googlers who read here, especially you stealth ones, I’m serious about only showing the message only when one or more domains are banned, I’ve had more than one client call about that message, it would be nice if you didn’t alarm people needlessly you know.

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