The Only Real Hoax is that Google Treats Everyone The Same

Lately there’s been quite a bit of brouhaha over a fairly popular bit of hoax marketing involving a teenager, stolen credit cards, and prostitutes. I’m no stranger to hoax marketing in fact I advocated it back in 2006 and have been debating it with Matt Cutts for at least as long. While I don’t expect either of our viewpoints will change, I have to say I find the disclosure that Google will now be taking steps against hoax marketing an amusing bit of hypocrisy. What we have is another in long list of double standards and selective application of Google justice especially when it involves internet marketers or SEO’s. Don’t believe me read on for some examples …

When Michael Arrington of Techcrunch wrote a bit hoax marketing about suing facebook did google remove the 1200+ links, since techcrunch ranks #1 for [techcrunch sues facebook] I’m going to say nope those links still are working as usual.

When Engadget was duped into posting a hoax about the iPhone being delayed did google pull the 1400 links, since engadget still ranks #1 for [iPhone Delayed] I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

When Pocket Lint leaked the Steve Jobs 2008 Keynote did google go back and put the kibosh on the 800 links to that page since it ranks #2 for [steve jobs keynote] what do you think?

There are hundreds of other hoaxes out there with intact links that still rank for their desired terms, the difference is there wasn’t an internet marketer claiming to be pulling the strings. Have we reached the stage where Google publicly says they are OK with SEO, but really has a shoot on sight mentality. Has it gotten so bad that Google advocates viral marketing unless it comes from an internet marketer in which case they terminate with extreme prejudice. Or is Google just flexing it’s market dominating muscle and acting like an absolute monarch who is above it’s own rules. If you don’t think Google plays by a separate set of rules try searching for any of the Google Hoaxes.

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