Google: Greed over a Rollback

Google recently announced they were updating the Adwords Quality Score, however it appears that there is a bug that raises the prices form any advertisers:

Google AdWords Quality Score Has Major Bug

Google AdWords Adds Quality Score Column & To Improved Quality Algorithm from Wednesday warned us of the new changes coming but apparently there is a bug that makes good performing ads prices spike through the roof.

GrowMy » Blog Archive » Major Google AdWords Bug With Quality Score Increases CPC Prices

There are dozens of reports of people noticing their CPC prices in Google AdWords jump through the roof. With the launch of a new AdWords quality score, a bug has been released and verified by Google to increase the bid…

SearchAnyway PPC – Online Search Marketing Guide for Webmasters: Costly Google AdWords Bug

It seems that Google AdWords’ new Quality Score feature has a bug, and that are driving cost-per-click prices on certain keywords through the roof.

Google Plans AdWords Algorithm Change; Expects Complaints | Marketing Pilgrim

It looks like Google’s pushed the button too early – and it could be the wrong button too. Lots of people are complaining that their Quality Score has gone crazy.

While Google is aware of the problem and is fixing it they refuse to rollback the code and are content to charge advertisers more until they fix it. So if you went to the store and the cashier said I know this item only costs you $1 but the register is broken and I have to charge you $2, but we’re working on it, would that be acceptable? C’mon Google do the right thing, do no evil rollback the code.

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