Google Analytics Why Do You Make Me Distrust You

So I logged into Google Analytics this morning and I get the following message


Google Analytics why are you ruining it why? I always recommended to customers who don’t have an analytics package in place or were using sub standard analytics packages to switch to Google Analytics, without reservations, and for me to recommend Google’s products is really saying something.

But this morning you went all Shoeless Joe Jackson on me. Now I know that you could use the data to lower my adsense earnings and raise my adwords prices. Sure the potential does exist that the opposite could happen, but really c’mon now.

Yes I know Senor Cutts has committed the entire webspam team to not use the data from Google Analytics, but if everyone before and after isn’t willing to make that same commitment, it’s a moot point.

Say it ain’t so Google analytics, say it ain’t so …

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