Webmaster Central has Problems with 301’s to a New Domain

So one of the reasons I’ve been light on the blogging is I’ve got a lot of projects going on. One of which involved rebranding a domain from a crappy hyphenated domain to a brandable/purchasable one. So I had my XML sitemap ready to go. I had my htaccess ready to go with redirects in place. I let the dogs loose about a week and half ago and things are not going entirely according to plan.

The htaccess is redirecting the traffic so everything that was ranking is being sent to the right spot. However a site command still shows 200+ pages in the google index under the old domain. More disturbingly webmaster central throws this error



Using some header checker tools I verified there is only one 301 being used no chaining or multiple 301, 302, or any other redirects are occurring. So it looks like webmaster central has an issue interpretting a 301 from one domain to another. I want to keep feeding them the sitemap at least until they pick up that most of the files have moved and adjust them in the index. So I’m stuck wondering am I in some bizzare data flux or is Google just having “issues”.

Hey Google instead of falsely accusing people of illicit practices, you publish a site migration guide. I’m sure that’s something people really want more than the ability to narc on the guy next to them.

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