Linkbait if it’s Good Enough for Forbes it’s Good Enough for Me

I’ve made no secret of my Disney fan status, in fact I have several news feeds set up to catch Disney items. Catching up in the feed reader this morning I came across the following: Top 10 luxury attractions at Disney World

Top 10 luxury attractions at Disney World How to have a five-star vacation at Disney parks and resorts

Needless to say this tickled my “link bait sensor” however upon further inspection, I realized the perpetuator of this “heinous attention garnering crime” is none other than Forbes magazine, republishing on . I’ve said it many times in the past link bait isn’t anything new, the print world has been doing it for decades. It’s only new to the previously advertising averse turned web publishers.

ps: If I did it though my list would have went to 11 😉

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