2007 Tour de France Winner – Wikipedia

The Tour de France is scheduled to begin tomorrow, so I was doing some research for another site and was really amazed at the favoritism Google shows Wikipedia. So I decided to break it down and show bad it really is. Below is a list of all the stops on this years Tour de France, I’ve gone through and removed the accent characters because most people are never going to bother typing them in. Lastly to the right of each term you find the # where wikipedia is listed.

[Tour De France] #3
[London] #2
[Canterbury] #4 and #8
[Dunkirk] #1 and #2
[Ghent] #1
[Waregem] #1
[Compiegne] #1
[Villers-Cotterets] #1
[Joigny] #2
[Chablis] #1 and #2
[Autun] #1
[Semur-en-Auxois] #6
[Bourg-en-Bresse] #2
[Le-Grand-Bornand] #6 (french wikipedia)
[Tignes] #4
[Val-d’-Isere] #4
[Briancon] #1
[Tallard] #7
[Marseille] #1 and #2
[Montpellier] #1
[Castres] #1 and #2
[Albi] #3
[Plateau-de-Beille] #6
[Foix] #2 and #3
[Loudenvielle] #3
[Pau] #1
[Orthez] #1 and #2
[Gourette] (no listing in top 10)
[Castelsarrasin] #1
[Cahors] #1
[Angouleme] #1
[Cognac] #1 and #2
[Marcoussis] #6
[Paris] #3

Out of 40 Tour de France related search phrases wikipedia has top 10 listing for 39 of them, wow Wikipedia must be a great source for Tour de France info and English, Belgian and French cities.

At SMX I heard Matt get up and say it’s really only SEO’s who have a problem with the wiki, and for regular users it answers their questions. While I will agree that some of the pages do have a lot of information (I have no idea if it’s right or not) I will say this is really a prime example of the “authority knob” set to high, and out right domain trust abuse.

So on what data am I basing that statement? Lets look at the wikipedia pages for Loudenvielle, Joigny and Semur-en-Auxois. What do we have 2 completely empty pages and one wikipedia stub. What conclusion can we draw from that, basically if you have a trusted domain like wikipedia, you can put just about anything, or in this case the lack of anything on a nearly blank page and it will rank.

So C’mon Matt I double dog dare you to tell me how those three pages are helping anybody … other than wikipedia … in fact I triple dog dare you … with a sundae and cherry on top.

To head you off at the pass, blah blah blah yes those 36 other pages do contribute value (accurate or not) but that’s not the question. The question is why does Google rank 3 useless pages from wikipedia, in top 10 spots, for terms that people are likely to be looking for in the next coming weeks?

Secondly don’t be a complete dingnut and say “gee Gray you could make the internet a better place by adding to those wikipedia pages”, cause that’s just lame, with all the traffic wikipedia gets they don’t need anymore help from me.

Lastly I strongly urge everyone on a wordpress platform to use the wikipedia nofollow plugin. Plain and simple any idiot in front of computer (including me), can sit down and edit any article on wikipedia, no further explanation should be needed.

(hint for there’s an SEO lesson in this post as well)


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