What Time of Day do You Post to Your Blog?

So I’ve got an idea in my head, that’s entering the “hey I might actually do this one” and of my biggest questions is when do I schedule my posts to go live?

Generally speaking for posts that are pre-written I schedule them to go live between 3am and 6am EST. I know that feedburner works on a 30 minute delay. Bloglines also has a 30 minute delay and Google reader has an unpublished delay. I vary the time so I don’t look like an auto-posting bot. I also keep it that early as a worse case scenario I just miss the feedburner bot and just miss the bloglines bot so I’m guaranteed my posts go live by 7am EST. I’m sure that’s probably sometime in the late morning or early afternoon for my friends across the pond, but hey that’s my reality and I’m sticking to it.

The thing that makes this project different is there will be usually daily ’round up’ style posts. Which means the news will have to happen before a well formed and thought out opinion can be dispensed. Worst case scenario the post goes live 5-6pm PST. I also seem to remember reading somewhere in a sample weblogs inc contract that got out that it was highly encouraged to have more posts go live in the AM for the eastern US.

So for those of you who publish on non US eastern seaboard schedule, especially the Lisa and Duncan, do people read your work the same day or the next day. Any downsides or upsides to following that schedule, other than say having a real life? Also what about my friends in Europe, do you take the US time zones into account when you blog on a schedule, and do people who post with a US schedule bias annoy/please you? Inquiring minds want to know …

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