Writers... they're like cockroaches. That said, some cockroaches are
resistant to poison; they somehow "dodge the shoe". That cockroach...
is Andrew Stroscher (aka Cocles). One in a sea of millions, yet superior in every-- single-- way.That's why Michael Gray hired him. You see, Michael Gray likes to
picture himself as a megalomaniacal mastermind, and he knows that
besides a great, menacing laugh, you need good people. Andrew
Stroscher is a loose cannon (very loose), but he's on Gray's payroll.
He's that guy in the corner. You know the one. He works for the cool
bad-guy, but he's not a henchman. He's... something else. Like Boba
Fett. Yes, Andrew Stroscher is Boba Fett. A cockroach Boba Fett,
with a great looking ass. Not that Andrew's ass had anything to do
with him being hired by Michael Gray, but a healthy, ample appearance
reflects positively on one's employer. Andrew Stroscher stays in
shape by using a recumbent exercise bike while imagining he's in the
movie "Tron". He also has the chest hair
of a U-Boat captain: These qualities are crucial for Andrew
Stroscher's role as Boba Fett to Michael Gray's Darth Vader.
Yes, Michael Gray is Darth Vader. Andrew Stroscher thinks you should
have all seen Michael Gray's original version of Wolf-Howl.com that
used an extremely dark color motif and referred to Michael Gray as a
"Dark Wizard". It was awesome. When Andrew Stroscher isn't busy
embarrassing one of the most generous people he's ever known, he
writes screenplays for money (like a whore)
and dabbles in various other endeavors... such as voice acting... and
carnivorous plants... and throwing eggs at a drunk guy who was just
peeing on a tree in his front yard about 15 minutes ago. Bastard,
Andrew Stroscher loves that tree.If you wish to pay Andrew Stroscher to write, or do something else,
feel free to contact him. Or even better, contact Michael Gray, so
Michael can pretend he's Ari Gold from "Entourage" (a lifelong,
childhood dream... he even owns the suit).You can connect with Andrew on his Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ profile. If you're a fan of World of Warcraft lore, you can check out Andrew's WoW Lore site where he prattles on about made up people like Sylvanas and Thrall. Andrew also has a car blog where he talks about people like Bertha Benz.

About Cocles

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