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Suggestions for Adsense

Hey Google Adsesne how about giving people the ability to call for a “fresh visit” and content reassessment so the adsense ads will target better. Sometimes we make typos or use phrase that call for the wrong ads to be delivered. Sure I can test it by throwing an irrelevant parameter on the URL but actual visitors to the site … [Continue reading Suggestions for Adsense]

Analogies in Blog Titles are Like Dirty Underwear

As I cruise thru my SEO folder in my feedreader every day I’m filled with a sense of dismay and utter dissapointment with most of what I see. More often than not I see titles like: How My Step Dad Taught Me The Ethics of Burnt Sienna Hat SEO 93 Ways Your Shopping Cart Software is Like Progresso Chunky Chicken … [Continue reading Analogies in Blog Titles are Like Dirty Underwear]

Is the BlogHer Conference Guilty of Sex Discrimination

Last week July 18th through the 20th was this years BlogHer Conference. According to the Blogher website their mission is: To create opportunities for women who blog to pursue exposure, education, community, and economic empowerment. To those organizers I challenge them to look in the mirror and realize that you’ve now become the same evil and sexist pigs you started … [Continue reading Is the BlogHer Conference Guilty of Sex Discrimination]

Greg Hartnett – Local Search Interview

For this interview we’re going to be talking with Greg Hartnett of Best of the Web.

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Book Review – Clay Shirky’s Cognitive Surplus

Clay Shirky has a new book out called “Cognitive Surplus” in which he examines how the internet is changing us as a society from consumers and how we are using our newly found surplus of time, energy, and brain power to create, share, and connect with each other.

Behold the Power of Authority

It’s been interesting to watch [Eco-Friendly Flip Flops]

How Google Desktop Can Drive traffic to Your Website

Recently I was discussing how the disparity of numbers in analytics was causing me some aggravation. After digging a little deeper I think I found part of the source of my frustration, the Google Desktop Reader.

The Domain Question for Matt Cutts

All right since Matt Cutt’s and I are well on our way to be being best friends (as is clearly shown in the picture to the right of him telling me jokes) I think it’s ok to ask the question that’s on everybody’s mind regarding the site review session, can Google see behind a private registration, and what are some … [Continue reading The Domain Question for Matt Cutts]

Matt this is not an Update Cutts

C’mon Matt do we really have to have this semantics debate every time something gets changed? The this is an update, that was a data push, the other thing was a xoogler sneaking into the building, get tiring after a while. I know you don’t like calling it an update, even when it is, and then you “fix” the non … [Continue reading Matt this is not an Update Cutts]

One Page Wonders

Jeff Libert, CEO, Ted Ulle, Partner, The MEWS Group George Kepnick, Co-Founder, First up George Kepnick, what is a one page wonder, the most common example is one of th really long sales letter you usually see with ebooks or get-rich quick, however they also are just small sites that immedeatly have a call for action. The key … [Continue reading One Page Wonders]

Image of the Day – For Traffic and Social Engagment

The following is part of a multi part series on image optimization. In this post we’re looking at driving traffic with with “image of the day” type of posts.

The Dangers of Having Multiple Website Versions

With the proliferation of smart phones of varying screen sizes, flash compatibility, and most recently apple tv and google tv, many website owners are choosing to solve this problem with multiple sites and domains. While this solution can work, there are plenty of ways it can go wrong. In this post I’ll try to help you understand why this is … [Continue reading The Dangers of Having Multiple Website Versions]

Hey! Editors! Leave Them Links Alone!

There’s a trend of editors in the SEO world uptight about linking out.

Viral Marketing for Long Term Sales

Over on threadwatch I recently made a comment that social media should not be used for meeting short term sales goals (link). I read an article today from Reuters that showed how giving something away to generate an early buzz resulted in more long term sales Disney learns lessons from “High School” In print and online advertising for “High School … [Continue reading Viral Marketing for Long Term Sales]

How to Integrate Advertising into Your Blog

So you’ve been blogging for a while, your getting some links, traffic is growing, but your blog isn’t making any money. While you do like blogging maybe it’s getting kind of hard to justify the amount of time you put into it, if it’s not putting any money in your pocket. For this tutorial I’m going to show you how … [Continue reading How to Integrate Advertising into Your Blog]

I’m Just Tired of Craigslist and Wikipedia’s in Commercial Serps

If I’m looking for [private jet long island] chances are I don’t want to see craigslist crap nor do I want to see a local newsday (newspaper) article about hillary clinton defending her private jet use. I guess I should be glad I didn’t get a wikipedia listing … C’mon Google you can do better …

Five Search Queries to Find Sponsorship Link Opportunities

And regardless of the fact that they are paid, Google doesn’t seem to mind them so long as they are on-topic and coming from a reputable website. As the title suggests, this “link buy” comes in the form of sponsoring an event or website. The trick is to find sponsorship opportunities that are in your corner of the web (read: on-topic). Clearly Not a Democracy

Trying to offer an alternative to Digg is doing everything in it’s power to squelch the input of it users, even it’s most active users, instead opting for some draconian leadership that is pretty intolerant of differing opinions.

Google Doubling up On YouTube in Universal Search

interesting oh and BTW can I mention what complete PIA it is to have celebrities muddying up SERP 🙂