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How to Silo Your Website: The Content

The following is part of the series How To Silo Your Website. Be sure you have read parts one and two: How To Silo Your Website: The Masthead and How to Silo Your Website: The Breeadcrumb. In this part, we will be taking a look at the content area.

Forbes Article

I’m mentioned in a Forbes article about Google along with Aaron Wall and Jim Boykin

$5 million spent on a domain? Here’s why.

Recently sold for 5.5 million dollars, when the general public looks at a domain sale of six to seven figures it erupts feelings of envy, mysticism, curiosity and plain head scratching disbelief. Much to the delight of companies such as people go out in droves registering hundreds to thousands of domains treating the url’s like virtual lottery tickets. … [Continue reading $5 million spent on a domain? Here’s why.]

How Often Should You Update Evergreen Content

The idea of evergreen content is that it is essentially unchanging, intended to last “a long time,”and have little or no maintenance. So isn’t updating evergreen content a bit of an oxymoron? In some cases yes, in some cases no.

Outbound Linking Can Boost Rankings

Many of the poorly ranking websites that I am asked to fix share a common problem – they do not link out to any websites.  Apparently, some people still think this is a terrible idea and go to extremes to never link out to anyone. Taking any idea to an extreme is generally never a good plan.  By changing the … [Continue reading Outbound Linking Can Boost Rankings]

How To Silo Your Website: The Masthead

One of the more powerful tools an SEO can use when setting up or fixing an existing website is siloing or themeing. However, when I mention this to beginner or intermediate SEO’s, they are often confused about how and where to start. In this multi-part series, I’ll be giving you some examples of how I use the technique.

Why You Should Care About AT&T’s iPhone Data Plans Even If You Don’t Own an iPhone

While a lot of the attention on AT&T and Apple in the past few weeks has been focused on the release of the iPad and new iPhone,  the elimination of unlimited data plans is an equally important development, especially for website owners and publishers.

Dave Pasternack of Spamming MyBloglog

I got a tip that our friend Dave Pasternack has taken to spamming MyBloglog now. Pretty nice, one community is his own bio page at Did-it, the other is main site and the third is his CafePress shop. Which is particularly funny because they left out the actual blog, way to go for relevancy there guys! Almost as … [Continue reading Dave Pasternack of Spamming MyBloglog]

Optimizing WordPress Page Titles, Post Titles and Page Slugs

While wordpress is one of my favorite CMS platforms, out of the box it isn’t search engine optimized. Combine this with people who aren’t SEO aware, and publish a blog, and you almost always end up with an implementation that’s sub-optimal. Here are some tips to help you get things on track and moving in the right direction.

Why You Should Avoid Numbers in Your URL

While linkbait posts aren’t as popular as they once were, top 10 lists have been popular ever since Moses came down from the mount with his top 10 list of “thou shalt nots.” Magazines like Rolling Stone will always have top 500 playlists and AFI will always publish top 100 movies lists. However, as a responsible publisher, marketer, and SEO … [Continue reading Why You Should Avoid Numbers in Your URL]

Using Images for Better Linkbait

The following is part of a series on image optimization. In this post, we’re going to be talking about images for increasing the success of linkbait.

Why You Need to Be Concerned About Sloppy CSS

If you follow me on twitter chances are you seen more than one rant on bad web design, bad CSS, and bad/sloppy coding. Sure I’m a reformed CSS Zealot who used write XHTML 1.1 valid code for kicks. I may have returned to slightly more normal life, but I still believe there’s value in writing clean code. I was migrating … [Continue reading Why You Need to Be Concerned About Sloppy CSS]

Link Building – Creating Exceptional Content for Boring Topics

Whenever you’re at a conference and you speak to a Google Engineer about link building, they will almost always default back to “create exceptional content that is linkworthy” or some similar concept. I’ve been speaking with people at conferences, both clients and potential clients, and mentioning the same thing for years. The response I often get back is, “We’re selling … [Continue reading Link Building – Creating Exceptional Content for Boring Topics]

Building a Mobile Website Should be Your #1 IT Project

If I had the ability to reach through the screen, grab you by the shoulders, look you in the eye, and tell you that building a mobile version of your website should be your number one IT project this year, I would. While I may be on the bleeding edge of mobile consumption, the adoption of smart phones, tablets, and … [Continue reading Building a Mobile Website Should be Your #1 IT Project]