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The Epic Failure of Google+

In the past, I’ve not been shy about hiding my dislike for some of Google’s practices. In fact, I’ve called them everything from an arrogant bully to an incestuous circle jerk, trapped in a filter bubble world . But recently I’ve been reading all of the press and counter press about how Google+ is growing faster than the waistline of … [Continue reading The Epic Failure of Google+]

SEO 101: Getting the Right URL Structure

On my list of top 5 problems I encounter when doing client work, the number one problem is poor URL structure. In this post I’ll go over the basics, how to get it right, what are the most common problems, and how to fix them.

Why the iPad, Flash, Adobe Products and User Agent Detection Really Do Matter

Being the owner of a Macbook Pro, iPhone, and iPad, you might consider me an Apple Fanboy. I can tell you I’ve been involved in web development long enough to tell you that the current state of usability on the web is nearing the low point: when, in the late 90’s, browsers had no standardization and we had to design … [Continue reading Why the iPad, Flash, Adobe Products and User Agent Detection Really Do Matter]

Why Google Thinks SPYW is a Good Idea and You Probably Don’t

In a recent statement Larry Page said if you don’t get SPYW then maybe you shouldn’t work at Google. To understand why he thinks this is such a good idea–and why the rest of the world thinks it isn’t–we need to revisit the concept of filter bubbles and why they are such a bad idea.