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Why Google Wants to be in Your Wallet and Drive Your Car

When I talk with people who aren’t involved with internet marketing about Google, I’m surprised by the amount of trust they put in Google and how they feel Google is making the world a better place … for truly altruistic reasons. It’s not until I point out how Google will gladly provide all the services “for free” because the data … [Continue reading Why Google Wants to be in Your Wallet and Drive Your Car]

How to Create a Custom 404 Page

If you’ve spent any time on the internet, chances are you’ve seen silly, funny, or just plain insane custom 404 error pages. However, this article isn’t about creating one of those types of custom 404 pages; this is about creating a better 404 page that is not only helpful to your users but solves technical problems you might not even … [Continue reading How to Create a Custom 404 Page]

Who Are You Writing Blog Posts For

Who are you writing your blog posts for … people or search engines? Depending on your intended audience your posts can and should be radically different in tone and style. This concept is related to my my post on how to choose keywords for your blog posts. When you write a post or article on your blog you have to … [Continue reading Who Are You Writing Blog Posts For]

Why Rank Checking Is Not Critical (at least for me)

Recently, I was talking with Graywolf about rank checking, a topic that we disagree on.  Personally, I really enjoy debating business topics.  It helps me to see different ways of thinking.  I figured I would share my rant *cough* I mean debate points with you.