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Don’t Put All Your Eggs in the Facebook Basket

While Facebook may be a hot marketing tool right now, there is danger in putting too much effort into making it the center of your marketing efforts.

No More Link Begging: 4 Engagement Methods for Content-Based Link Building

Link begging is the practice of identifying link prospects, usually through competitor backlink analysis, and then contacting each one of those sites and begging for a link. Link begging typically ignores the original context of the link, as well as the probable motivation of the linker. Not only that, it’s potentially destructive to an organization’s industry relationships and the link … [Continue reading No More Link Begging: 4 Engagement Methods for Content-Based Link Building]

Why Everyone Should Turn Off Blog Comments

In the past I’ve spoken about why I turned off blog comments, but it was mostly from a time/labor perspective. Now I have another reason, one that affects everyone from an SEO Perspective. In some cases. leaving comments on will negatively impact your rankings and traffic.

How Google is Reverse Engineering Page Dates

In recent weeks I’ve noticed a disturbing new trend in Google SERP’s: Google has become much more aggressive at trying to reverse engineer the publication date of a post/page.

Is There Any Value in Getting Links From Directories

Today’s post is answer to a question from Curedream: Is there really any value in getting links from the Yahoo directory I’m going to move that up a bit and tackle directories in general.  In my opinion, yes, there is value in getting your website listed in some directories–but not all. The trick is figuring out which ones matter most. … [Continue reading Is There Any Value in Getting Links From Directories]

Outsourcing Content Creation Vs. Hiring in House

One of the first considerations for a web site owner is how to get the content you need at fair prices. Most serious web site developers have little to no time to create the most important aspect of a web site – the content. Outsourcing content creation to a company has many advantages. However, hiring in house writers can give … [Continue reading Outsourcing Content Creation Vs. Hiring in House]

Review of WeBuildPages Link Building Services

The following is a sponsored post. When I announced I was doing sponsored posts/reviews again, one of the first people to contact me was Jim Boykin of  WeBuildPages. He let me know he was interested in getting a review of his link building services. To be honest, I had some concern about reviewing another SEO’s services. I told Jim that, … [Continue reading Review of WeBuildPages Link Building Services]

Are All Links Valued the Same

Today’s post is a question from Jason who asks the following question: Are all links really the same? If a link statistically according to SEOMOZ or other tools, PR, trust, rank, etc, are the same, are they really the same in the eyes of Google?

Social Media and Publishing Paths

For websites that are going to participate in social media in a big way along multiple channels, I find it helpful to set up what I call publishing paths. These publishing paths require you to think about your content before you publish it, what is the best channel for it, and how to cross promote it.