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How to Make Your Address Book More Useful with Facebook

While there are a lot of advantages to having a large social graph (aka friending everyone and their bots), there are also advantages to having a more tightly managed social graph. If you keep your address book/contact list filled with people you talk with on a regular basis, you can use facebook to help fill in your missing data.

How to Use Twitter Lists To Create Reputation Management Problems

When twitter lists first came out and I commented about how awesome they are, I also warned they had the potential to become a tool for evil and create reputation management problems. Since no one paid attention, I figured what better way to illustrate the problem than to see it in action?

Why It’s Harder to Hide Things on The Internet

In recent years it has become increasingly more difficult to hide information (including data, pages, new domains, and entire websites) on the internet. In some cases, the discovery’s results can range from being mildly embarrassing to to completely giving away a business plan. In this post I’ll talk about some of those holes and how to protect yourself.

How to Use Evernote to Create the Ultimate Post Conference Reference Guide

Now that Pubcon is over I’m going to let you in on a tool that helps me keep track of, organize, find, and use the information I get from conferences, trade shows, and seminars:  Evernote.

Why Google HQ Loves Thin Affiliates

Despite what you may have read, Google secretly has a love affair with thin affiliates. Like a techie and Gizmodo, Google can’t get enough of affiliate marketers who build sites with no value add. If Google has its own internal Twitter, Eric Schmidt would tweet, “I heart affs who rely on search to power their business model.” Why?

How Bing and the Wall Street Journal Could Screw Google

In the past week there’s been a lot talk about the Wall Street Journal threatening to pull its content from Google and why it’s a good idea or sheer lunacy.

New Twitter Account @graywolfseo

Now that twitter lists have taken off and are being utilized, and in some cases are replacing RSS readers, I’m going to try to take advantage by experimenting with a new account @graywolfseo.

Twitter Lists are Teh Awesome

Now that twitter lists have been rolled out just about everyone, I’m going to actually agree with Robert Scoble and say twitter lists are teh awesome.