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Wikipedia: The Guide To Complete Idiots

I was browsing around Wikipedia and couldn’t help but laugh at the stupidity of some of Wikipedia’s editors, or wonder how Google can love thieves like these… Wikipedia editors can’t spell, yet they want us to make a better ‘choise’ of words. So let me get this straight. The content was garbage, but you still thought it was good to … [Continue reading Wikipedia: The Guide To Complete Idiots]

SEO Testing – Is Your Zipper Down

Today’s post deals with a much more harmless form of SEO Outting, accidental outting and invalidating testing. To teach this lesson I’m going to use a story …

WordPress SEO: How to Create Living URL’s

If you watched any of the congressional hearings about the newspaper industry where Marissa Mayer testified one of the concepts she brought up is Living URL’s. Danny Sullivan has an excellent write up on it on Search Engine Land. The basic concept is a story lives at a single URL and gets added to/edited/updated over time (the way wikipedia articles … [Continue reading WordPress SEO: How to Create Living URL’s]

WordPress SEO: How to Choose a Permalink Structure

For this post we’re going to be taking  look at the optimal permalink and URL structures for wordpress. There are a lot of different options, and there isn’t a one size fits all answer, however there are definitely better and worse choices you can make.

WordPress SEO: WordPress Security Why it Matters to SEO

In recent weeks wordpress security, or more correctly the lack of wordpress security has been getting a lot of attention. While most people consider this a site maintenance issue, it has implications that affect your SEO efforts, in this post I’ll explain why, and look at some things you can do to protect yourself, and reduce the damage.

WordPress SEO: How to Maximize Your Internal Link Strategy

While there are hundreds of thousands of posts on maximizing external links for your blog, like a red headed step child no one pays much attention to internal links. Internal links can be very powerful in helping you distribute the link equity that those external links bring, and they can decrease your bounce rate and increase your page views per … [Continue reading WordPress SEO: How to Maximize Your Internal Link Strategy]

The Affiliate Marketing Newbie’s Guide To Finding Niches

When I started out in internet marketing, I browsed around various lists of high paying keywords as well as some arbitrary lists that veterans just decided to share [without explanations] on their blogs.

How I Got Lost Using Google Maps and the iPhone

Over the years chances are you’ve seen stories about Google Maps or similar services sending people off course, sometimes by hundreds of miles. When you use any of the mapping or GPS services you always have to use common sense, but I’ve always wondered if this happens because these people maybe aren’t the most technologically savvy people out there. However … [Continue reading How I Got Lost Using Google Maps and the iPhone]

My Email Inbox Reduction Experiment

So this summer Matt decided to try biking to work for 30 days, Quadszilla tried blogging for 30 days, both worth while endeavors but I was looking for something to do that had value that would last longer than the 30 days … so I decided to reduce my inbox.