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What if Google Was Wrong

Earlier this week Danny Sullivan and many others noted that MSN and ASK did a much better job of reporting the oscar winners, than Google did. After doing some due diligence Matt Cutts of Google noticed that the official Oscars page was returning a 500 error which was reason google was having a problem. I’ll take Matt at his word … [Continue reading What if Google Was Wrong]

Thesis Tutorial – How to Add Adsense Section Targeting

Using Adsense on your blog usually isn’t the most profitable way to monetize it, but it is fairly quick and easy, which makes it a popular choice for many website owners. Last week I moved one of my commercial blogs to Thesis, and was reminded of the importance of using section targeting on your blog.

Google Analytics iPhone App Review

I was asked to take part in the beta test of this a few weeks ago, and I’m so lame I just finally got aroud to mentioning it.

Google Needs to Change It’s Conference Presentation Policy

I learned quite a few things at SMX West last week, perhaps one of the most irksome was learning Google’s policy about conference presentations. Google does not share or allow any of thier conference presentations to be put online … period.

Google Looking for Lab Rats for Tracking Study

Here’s a link to craigslist where google is looking for some participants to test usability for some of their products. Looking at the spreadsheet there are few interesting points like: be willing to install a small piece of software on your home computer that will log your web browsing & searches This study requires that we identify your searches using … [Continue reading Google Looking for Lab Rats for Tracking Study]