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How TED Helped Me Understand Personalized Search

Long time readers here will know that I’m not a big fan of Google’s personalized search. However late last week I watched a TED talk and had a zen moment of clarity, and finally got personalized search. More interestingly I got it within the first 2 minutes of the presentation (shown after the jimp)

Is Your Blog Advertiser Friendly

There are times when I’m maybe a little harsh on the lifestyle blogging community, but more than anything it’s a Judge Judy kind of  tough love. What I really want is for people to grasp the concept that just because some people (who happen to be exceptional writers) are able to make money being  lifestyle bloggers, doesn’t mean everyone can. … [Continue reading Is Your Blog Advertiser Friendly]

Is There Really Such a Thing as a Social Media Expert

One of the common themes I see recurring in blog/websites articles are “How to use your blog to drive traffic”, “how to use twitter to engage your community”, and “how to use stumbeupon to bring you new RSS subscribers”. In some cases these posts do actually contain some useful nuggets of information,  however as is more often the case, I … [Continue reading Is There Really Such a Thing as a Social Media Expert]

How Amazon Turned a Mobile Phone into a Cash Register

While there were numerous reports of Amazon being one of the few retailers who were positive this holiday season. One of the things that was didn’t receive a tremendous amount of press was the release of Amazon’s iPhone application. This program harnessed the power of the mobile platform, turning a mobile phone into a portable cash register, allowing customers to … [Continue reading How Amazon Turned a Mobile Phone into a Cash Register]