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Analogies in Blog Titles are Like Dirty Underwear

As I cruise thru my SEO folder in my feedreader every day I’m filled with a sense of dismay and utter dissapointment with most of what I see. More often than not I see titles like: How My Step Dad Taught Me The Ethics of Burnt Sienna Hat SEO 93 Ways Your Shopping Cart Software is Like Progresso Chunky Chicken … [Continue reading Analogies in Blog Titles are Like Dirty Underwear]

Does Ferrari Need SEO and PPC Help

So if you happen to do a search on the word [Ferrari] you’re greeted with this SERP.

Google Showing Authors, Totals Posts and Last Post Data

Haven’t seen this one before a SERP where google is showing Total Authors, last post data, and total number of posts [seo malpractice]

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Newsletters and Community Building

Having been involved in internet marketing for more than a few years, it’s interesting to see ideas fall out of favor only to come back in fashion, specifically email newsletters and true community building.