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Looking for a “Recently Updated” WordPress Plugin

So after coming back from SES I had some interesting conversations, looked at some interesting things and came up with a few ideas. One of the things I’d like to try but have never seen is a recently updated function/plugin. How would a recently updated plugin differ from a recently published function … well I’m glad you asked …

Amazon Auto Linker Plugin

So back in the beginning of August I mentioned two plugins that I felt needed to be developed. Joost DeValk stepped up to the plate and wrote one, the Amazon Auto Linker, so he gets the free link love. In caser you missed it the plugin goes thru and auto appends your amazon aff id to any amazon URL’s, nifty … [Continue reading Amazon Auto Linker Plugin]

Seth Godin Wants to Cheat Advertisers with Fake Clicks

Seth Godin has an article today called ads are the new tip jar, where he advocates clicking on webmaster welfare Google adsense or other contextual ads to help bloggers get paid for their work. He of course completely ignores that advertisers will be paying for clicks from people who had absolutely no intention of using or buying the service advertised. … [Continue reading Seth Godin Wants to Cheat Advertisers with Fake Clicks]

Why Old School Real Estate Brands are Losing to New Web 2.0 Innovators

The following is a Guest Post from Joe Hall. The internet is changing the real estate industry on a daily basis. And, not surprisingly, it’s the Web 2.0 innovators that are leading the revolution. Of course this isn’t the first time that new media gurus have redefined an industry. However, this time around old school brands are being left in … [Continue reading Why Old School Real Estate Brands are Losing to New Web 2.0 Innovators]

Teaching Advanced Link Building and Why Pagerank Will Never Die

One of the difficult things of trying to share ideas, or teach a concept to large group of people is the different levels everyone is at. What some people consider advanced others consider intermediate. The second problem is the larger and more diverse the audience, the more general and ambiguous the examples have to be.

Short Videos, Long Videos, and Don’t Take Everything So Literally

Many moons ago I wrote about how short videos are better than long ones, and I took lumps in the comments because I didn’t do a good job explaining myself and some readers took me far to literally. However I came across a video last week that allows me to explain myself a little better.

Are You in Violation of Google’s Double Serving Policy? You Just Might Be!

The following is a Guest Post from Amber Benedict. A client of mine emailed me in a panic, saying two of their affiliate PPC sites have been “tagged” by Google Adwords for violation of the Google double serving policy. “Tagged” meaning that Google is planning to take down my clients’ paid ads for violation of the policy.  The Google double … [Continue reading Are You in Violation of Google’s Double Serving Policy? You Just Might Be!]

Hey Google Can We Get a Clear Cloaking and First Click Free Explanation

One of the more common questions I get from people is how do I show my paid context to search engines, but not to non-paying/membership customers, and staying within search engine guidelines. The answer always comes dangerously close or steps over the cloaking line.

Five Search Queries to Find Sponsorship Link Opportunities

And regardless of the fact that they are paid, Google doesn’t seem to mind them so long as they are on-topic and coming from a reputable website. As the title suggests, this “link buy” comes in the form of sponsoring an event or website. The trick is to find sponsorship opportunities that are in your corner of the web (read: on-topic).

KISS SEO – Keep it Simple Stupid

The following is a Guest Post from Michael Martin. When performing SEO its best to first implement the KISS strategy, Keep It Simple S….. Forget about the old school keyword density equations, being completely W3C compliant, creating X amount of content, pages or acquiring X amount of links. KISS SEO would include, but not limited to: Unique TITLE tag for each … [Continue reading KISS SEO – Keep it Simple Stupid]

How to Use Twitter as a Marketing Tool with Tweet Pro

So my friend Cesar Serna launched his new site this week and is making his first tool Tweet Pro available. If you don’t know Cesar he used to work for Greg Boser aka Webgeurilla. I was in on the beta program and had a chance to put the tool thru it’s paces this weekend.

Blogher, Pro-Woman or Anti-Man?

The following is a Guest Post from Brandy Eddings. Last school year while at recess my daughter approached a group of boys playing kickball. She asked if she could join, the boy holding the ball told her “only boys can play”. My daughter’s response was “then why are they letting you play” she grabbed the ball and ran onto the … [Continue reading Blogher, Pro-Woman or Anti-Man?]

Two WordPress Plugins That Need to be Developed

After my SEO plugins for wordpress and backend plugins for wordpress most people would think that should cover most of the things anyone would need. However I can think of two that are needed right off the bat.