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What’s Wrong With A Universal Google Icon

When Google switched to a single universal icon a few weeks back they created problems, the icons on my bookmarks toolbar are now … (wait for it) … IDENTICAL. The last two on the right are Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Central, so I have no idea which is which. Compare that to the Google Calendar, Google Reader, and Google … [Continue reading What’s Wrong With A Universal Google Icon]

Google’s Two Tiered Internet World Sinks to a New Low

Today Google released an new feature that gives away traffic stats and keywords for most websites on the internet. However what everyone failed to notice is that Google laid everyone else bare, naked and exposed but kept their own stats locked up and private.

Hey Matt Cutts Be Fair if You Are Going After Paid Links

Really I wasn’t going to post this but since Matt Cutt’s asked people to snitch on paid links again I thought I’d bring up another case of Google’s double standard and two tiered justice.

Really Facebook You Still Don’t Get it Do You

C’mon Facebook I really thought we had moved past this It’s not that I care that you are telling everyone I bought tickets to Kung Fu Panda, it’s that you assume that I want you to by default. These programs should be opt in not opt out out. Yes I know almost nobody would do that … but that should … [Continue reading Really Facebook You Still Don’t Get it Do You]

Gmail and LinkedIn Can’t We All Just Get Along

You know it would really be nifty if Google, Gmail, Google Apps, and Gmail for domains were able to merge/sync contact data with LinkedIn really easily. It would be super nifty if there was a nice automagic script that did the hard stuff for you (you know the way computers are supposed to). It would be even better if I … [Continue reading Gmail and LinkedIn Can’t We All Just Get Along]

Why Does Gmail User Agent Cloaking

Have a Gmail account? Log in unless you’ve set your preference otherwise you’ll get the AJAX UI. Now change your user agent to Googlebot, and refresh your page, it automatically loads the HTML version instead of asking you if you want the HTML. What’s up with that? Why would GMail need a UA detection branch in it programming? Does it … [Continue reading Why Does Gmail User Agent Cloaking]

SMX Advanced Interview

So while I was at SMX Advanced I did an interview with Virginia Nussey of Bruce Clay for webmaster radio you can listen to it in the SEM Synergy Archives. It’s short only about 8 minutes, or so the second half of the show has Derrick Wheeler of Microsoft talking about how he helps SEO’s. Hope to have a my … [Continue reading SMX Advanced Interview]