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Does Your Website Have a Squeezy Top

Does Your website have a squeezy top? Is it designed and laid out with the ruthless goal of facilitating conversions, or is it series of compromises that barely accomplishes it’s true goal.

The Only Real Hoax is that Google Treats Everyone The Same

Lately there’s been quite a bit of brouhaha over a fairly popular bit of hoax marketing involving a teenager, stolen credit cards, and prostitutes. I’m no stranger to hoax marketing in fact I advocated it back in 2006 and have been debating it with Matt Cutts for at least as long. While I don’t expect either of our viewpoints will … [Continue reading The Only Real Hoax is that Google Treats Everyone The Same]

Selling Ownership of the Internet for Some Magic Beans

I apologize for the liberal quoting of Matt Cutts comments over on sphinn, but I think it’s important to understand the ramifications of something like this: “Where does Cutt’s and search engines stand on something like this?” My quick take is that Google’s webmaster guidelines allow for cases such as this: “Google may respond negatively to other misleading practices not … [Continue reading Selling Ownership of the Internet for Some Magic Beans]

What Search Engine Conferences Should I Attend

One of the questions I get asked frequently is “which search conferences should I attend”. Seeing as conferences end up costing you between $3500-$5000 a pop when you include travel, lodging and meals I thought I’d share my experience.

When Google Gets Duplicate Content Wrong

There’s lots of hand wringing among publishers about duplicate content, and how other people who are authorized to syndicate, and scrapers who aren’t often outrank the original source, when Google gets it wrong. Here’s an example in action.

How to Perpetuate Internet Celebrity via Livetwittering

So here’s a new tool for all you twitter people called Live Twittering be sure to check out my event How to Perpetuate Internet Celebrity

SEO Plugins for WordPress Part II

Ever since my initial SEO plugins for wordpress post almost two years ago, I get asked for an updated list a few times a month. Well since we’re up to wordpress 2.5 I thought the time has come. I’ll also put some of my other favorite plugins at the end, they either enhance wordpress features or just make things easier.

Yes Shoemoney SEO Does Have a Future

Now Shoemoney is a friend of mine, but regarding his post SEO Has No Future today, I am forced to disagree with him. Not only does SEO have a future but judging by the number of SEO clients I am turning away, and the number of job offers I am receiving on weekly basis to take on in house positions, … [Continue reading Yes Shoemoney SEO Does Have a Future]

Hewlett Packard Giving Away Free Templates With Embedded Links

Seems the giving away free templates with embedded keyword rich links has filtered up to the fortune 500 level as Hewlett Packard released a series of free templates today

When Your Title is Linkbait and Your Post Isn’t

I’ve often written that using a linkbait is like signing a contract with your readers. You’re luring them in with the promise of a reward at the end of the hook. Sometime you can give people what you promise but it’s not in a soundbite format and your readers feel like they never got the payoff.