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Get Paid Links from the US Olympic Team

So hey Google care to explain why this isn’t a paid link page? Any reason you haven’t dinged the page rank of this known link seller or cut off their ability to pass page rank or anchor text? Now I’m not daft enough to believe that any of those companies gave money with the primary goal of getting a link, … [Continue reading Get Paid Links from the US Olympic Team]

Interview with SEOROI Gab Goldberg, Sugarrae, and Stuntdubl

If you’ve ever wondered hey why should I go an SEO conference what the heck am I going to get out of it check out this interview with Gab Goldenberg, Sugarrae, Stuntdubl and myself from SMX West. I had never met Gab before that afternoon, but he came across as nice guy, he didnt violate any of the SEO Conference … [Continue reading Interview with SEOROI Gab Goldberg, Sugarrae, and Stuntdubl]

Why You Need to Be Concerned About Sloppy CSS

If you follow me on twitter chances are you seen more than one rant on bad web design, bad CSS, and bad/sloppy coding. Sure I’m a reformed CSS Zealot who used write XHTML 1.1 valid code for kicks. I may have returned to slightly more normal life, but I still believe there’s value in writing clean code. I was migrating … [Continue reading Why You Need to Be Concerned About Sloppy CSS]

Why SEO Can’t Be Your Only Value Add

In my early days I played a bit more in the darker side of the game. I fully admit that I built and ran more than 1 or 2 scrapers, aggregators, and MFA style sites, but as a business model those type of sites are really on the decline, and not something I’d ever recommend to a beginner or intermediate … [Continue reading Why SEO Can’t Be Your Only Value Add]

Are You More Entertaining than a Sock Puppet

So my buddy Loren Feldman over at 1938 media has been having grand old time giving a parody of Shel Israel lately. While it’s all been pretty funny I think there are a few points to learn from this.

No Optimizer Left Behind

While I was off doing some work Jill and Lisa engaged in a debate over whether or not we need SEO standards. Even though I’m a day late and a dollar short I’m still going to throw my 2 cents in.

Evel Knievel and Social Media Promotion

As a young American boy growing up in the 70’s Evel Knievel was one of my role models. Aside from being a daredevil Evel possessed a strong understanding of marketing and engaged in a level of shameless self promotion that would have made PT Barnum proud.

Code Snippets Part of Universal Search

I’ve never seen this before a code snippet as part of a Google Universal Search Result