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How to Get 1 Million Dollars Worth of Links

I really find scandals interesting because people who are on the ball, plugged in, creative, not afraid to take chances and stir up a little controversy can do really well. Case and Point Playgirl Magazine offered Ex-Governor Elliot Spitzer 1 Million Dollars to pose nude. It’s a win-win scenario for Playgirl. Let’s go with the most likely outcome and assume … [Continue reading How to Get 1 Million Dollars Worth of Links]

Elliot Spitzer and Scandal Bait

I’ve mentioned using current events such as Britney Spears performance, and ghost riding the whip as ideas or jumping point for link bait. The recent scandal involving Elloit Spitzer and his involvement with a prostitution ring provide another opportunity, especially for sectors that are usually difficult to build links for.

Untapped Niches and the Mile High Club

On my flight to the SMX Search Marketing Conference the stewardess made this announcement over the PA system … “Do we have any newlyweds, married couples or lovers on board … (some passengers raise hands) I’d like to remind you that the bathrooms are single occupancy rooms, so please wait till you land and get a hotel room, thanks …”

Google Analytics Why Do You Make Me Distrust You

So I logged into Google Analytics this morning and I get the following message

Who Can Stop Google From Gaining 90% Market Share

So Jason is predicting that “Google will have 90% search market share in the US one year from now“, and while people may cringe at that thought, I don’t think it’s a completely unlikely scenario.

Link Building Secrets

In case you haven’t seen it Stoney deGeyter over at Pole Position Marketing put up a Link Building Secrets guide today featuring tips from 12 people including your truly, so head on over and check it out.

Google Bombs Defused … Not

So coming back from SMX (more on that later) I see a trackback from SEL about GWB ranking for [who is a failure]. GWB also ranks for [who is a miserable]. While Scientology no longer ranks for [dangerous cult] they do rank for [cult dangerous] and [dangerous is cult] Now of course you can’t really expect Google to fess up … [Continue reading Google Bombs Defused … Not]