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Techcrunch Scared of Google and Caves in Like a School Girl

Don’t think Google’s war on paid links has an effect on how you do business, then let’s take a look at Michael Arrington and TechCrunch, here’s a look at a November “thank the sponsors” post: Now here’s a look at this weekspost Notice all those pink outlines around the links indicating the nofollow tag, that’s because Michael Arrington of TechCrunch, … [Continue reading Techcrunch Scared of Google and Caves in Like a School Girl]

Matt Cutts Says Financial Arrangements Should Affect All Links Within a Post

I was notified about this post via email and have to say if it’s true I do find it somewhat disturbing. Ted Murphy of Izea (formerly Pay Per Post) sat down with Matt Cutts at Pubcon and had a discussion about links in sponsored posts. According to Ted here’s what was said … I explained to Matt that in SocialSpark … [Continue reading Matt Cutts Says Financial Arrangements Should Affect All Links Within a Post]

Web Analytics – An Hour a Day: Book Review

One of the books I looked forward to reading this year was Web Analytics: An Hour a Day by Avinash Kaushik. I’ve hesitated making this post because I met Avinash at SES San Jose earlier this year, I sat in on one of his sessions, was in talks to get involved in Market Motive with him and a few other … [Continue reading Web Analytics – An Hour a Day: Book Review]

Using Google Sitemaps for Competitive Intelligence

I’m a big fan of the Google Webmaster Central Program and using sitemaps. I agree that you should build your website so that it is crawlable and not rely on sitemaps to compensate for poor site architecture, but hands down there is no better tool when you are migrating or cleaning up after a site migration than webmaster central. However … [Continue reading Using Google Sitemaps for Competitive Intelligence]

Google Knols and Opportunity

Since I spent the early part of the week discussing how Google Knols will ruin the internet, I thought it might also be fun to discuss potential ways you can use it to your advantage.

Lane Hartwell, Reputation Management and Your Google Permanent Record

There’s a big debate in the blogosphere right now involving a parody video from Richter Scales and photographer Lane Hartwell. A photograph Lane took was used without her permission, she was not credited and not compensated. Richter Scales feels this falls under the fair usage act. I’m not going to take sides in the copyright issue, however what I do … [Continue reading Lane Hartwell, Reputation Management and Your Google Permanent Record]

Is This the 11th Hour for Thin Affiliate Sites

While some people realized affiliate marketing has has slowly been changing for some time now many others missed the memo, or are on are sailing a ship of blissful ignorance up a famous river in Africa. For those few people I hope the announcement of Google Knols last week serves as a wakeup call.

What Google Knols Can Teach You About Google’s Philosophy

Last week with the announcement of Google Knols, much of the conversation centered around how this was going to affect sites like Wikipedia. However what the announcement also revealed was Google’s philosophy about how they interact with the world.

Sharing in Google Reader

Sharing in Google reader is pretty interesting, right now only two people are sharing with me which is kinda sad. What’s cool is if you turn out to be an annoying “social tuesdays” only kind of friend I can turn you off and ignore you completely. You also get to see the lame drivel cool stuff I think is interesting. … [Continue reading Sharing in Google Reader]

Primate Spheres in the Blue Grass State

Sometimes things need to be tested and checked, answers need to be sought, friends need the assist, even if it is for Monkey Balls In Louisville Kentucky

Hey Matt Cutts How About a Domain Redirection and Consolidation Post

So during the Matt Cutts in Hotseat presentation at Pubcon Brett gave me the mic to ask a question (heh dangerous I know). While I did get my question out and Matt did kinda answered I think it’s a topic that could use a little enlightenment, especially considering there has been some back room chatter about it recently.

Google Needs to Stop Being a Crybaby About Paid Links

The following post is a response to Matt Cutts blog and the Official Google Blog, please stop being a bunch a cry babies …

Nicest Bloke in SEO

Nicest Bloke in SEO Nicest Bloke in SEO Nicest Bloke in SEO Nicest Bloke in SEO Nicest Bloke in SEO Nicest Bloke in SEO Nicest Bloke in SEO Nicest Bloke in SEO  

Suggestions for GMail

Here are two suggestions for Google’s GMail. If there are multiple emails do you have to keep adding the signature at the bottom every time? Can’t you do some pattern matching and only put it there once. Or how about adding a signature shortcut key? Or hey since I can have multiple email addresses how about multiple signatures? Gmail also … [Continue reading Suggestions for GMail]