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Linkbait – The Shirt and Tie

I love it when people use creative ideas to linkbait really boring subjects like how to match a shirt and tie I’m totally OK with it being in flash. The only thing I’d do to improve it is include a bit of text below the flash app, funnel some of that inbound link juice around a bit. So for those … [Continue reading Linkbait – The Shirt and Tie]

Why Offline Stores are Doomed and Letting Consumers Consume

Full admission I’m a pretty difficult person to buy a gift for, my tastes are somewhat bizarre eclectic and seemingly random to almost everyone. So when it comes time for relatives to buy me a gift I get a lot of gift cards. For my birthday earlier this summer I got a $50 gift card to Borders Books. This was … [Continue reading Why Offline Stores are Doomed and Letting Consumers Consume]

Google Adwords More Pricing BS

Holy Cow Adwords you really have gone off the deep end with this one check it out Today, we’d like to revisit a common misconception, about which we receive quite a few questions. In the first part of the post, we will very briefly cover the most important facts and in the second we’ll take a more detailed look at … [Continue reading Google Adwords More Pricing BS]

For Jason Calacanis

Manufacturer Speaker Price Amazon PC Magazine PC World CNET Epinions Logitech Z-2300 Speaker System $78.94 – $149.99 Highly Rated n/a n/a Top Rated Highly Rated Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 2.0 $78.00 – $100.00 Highly Rated Editors Choice 100 Best Products of 2005 n/a Highly Rated

SMX Social Teaching an Old Dog Some New Tricks

Earlier this week I went to SMX social, and here’s my take on the conference …

Jason Calacanis Please Stop Bad Mouthing SEO’s Because You Won’t Take the Time to Work With Good One’s

Ok so Jason Calacanis is talking smack about bad SEO’s again and I think it’s time to clear the air. First of all if you want to talk to SEO’s and good one’s go to an SEO conference not a web 2.0 conference. I don’t know who spoke there and really don’t care, but if you want the best advice … [Continue reading Jason Calacanis Please Stop Bad Mouthing SEO’s Because You Won’t Take the Time to Work With Good One’s]

SMX Interview

Here’s an interview I did with Kara Ratliff of Web Pro news You can check out more videos from SMX social in the archives

MyMac Melbourne Threatens Blogger

It’s amazing in this day and age that companies really don’t know how harness the power of the internet for good. It’s so much easier to try and solve problems and create evangelists instead of threatening legal action. However MyMac Melbourne did the opposite they took a bad situation and made it worse threatening to sue him. Also be sure … [Continue reading MyMac Melbourne Threatens Blogger]

Hi, this is a cellphone…

Hi, this is a cellphone Jott. Click here to listen Powered by Jott

What Happens When You Don’t Set up Your Feed Correctly

you get stuff like this

We Don’t Need Less Robert Scoble We Just a More Filtered and Relevant One

Vanessa recently spoke about Twitter By Phone, Now With Default Scoble, and I agree with her it’s a problem, however what we really need to do is deal with the cause of the problem not the symptom.

Why Website Grader is a Bad Idea

I came across Website Grader via Guy Kawasaki’s website today and I have to say this is one of the worst ideas I have ever seen, worse than that it’s downright dangerous in the wrong hands!

More Paid Links Double Talk

Hey Matt if you said this: Users don’t want to see results sorted by who has the biggest pocketbook. Then why does adwords have premium placement above organic SERP’s? full forbes article

How Google Desktop Can Drive traffic to Your Website

Recently I was discussing how the disparity of numbers in analytics was causing me some aggravation. After digging a little deeper I think I found part of the source of my frustration, the Google Desktop Reader.

Creating the Ultimate Personal Hub and Nerve Center

Last week I was reading Steve Rubel’s turning Gmail into your personal hub and nerve center. If you haven’t read them I suggest that you do they are actually very helpful and insightful ways of thinking and using many of the tools available to you today. The problem is however many of his solutions include third party apps and workarounds … [Continue reading Creating the Ultimate Personal Hub and Nerve Center]