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Stop Abusing Social Media to Create Digital Vapor and Boost Your Ego

One of the problems I have with people who work in the social media space is that they use it simply to boost their own ego. It’s time for some tough love, creating linkbait in the SEO social media space is like joining in an incestuous circle jerking link orgy. While there is some content that has value, 95% of … [Continue reading Stop Abusing Social Media to Create Digital Vapor and Boost Your Ego]

How Digg Castrated My Friends

When launched it’s improvements last week plenty of sheeple who don’t use Digg regularly applauded the move toward a more facebook like model. However other people who do use Digg called the update what it truly was, a mistake. Not to worry the Digg editorial staff squelched the negative feedback and continued on the path dictatorial control under the … [Continue reading How Digg Castrated My Friends]

Whatif Google were Evil

Go read What if Google were Evil now!!! No really go read it the whole thing, really it’s worth it.

Blogrush … But Wait There’s More

I’ve been reading about Blogrush all weekend, and sorry I’m gonna call it as I see it. This looks like a late night informercial combined with an Amway pyramid scheme, complete with “but wait there’s more …” taglines. Don’t believe me check out the video below …

Understanding Confrontational and Controversial Marketing

Controversial and confrontational marketing are time tested methods for bringing traffic, attention and links to your company, product or website, however there’s more to it than just picking a fight.

Google SERP for Wiki Jacking

Boy it sure is a good thing we have wikipedia around so Google can use it to provide relevant results like these, I mean it’s not like the wiki is given and algorithmic advantage and ranks for phrases it has no right ranking for or anything. Although it is interesting taking note of the stemming of “jacking” to “jack” because … [Continue reading Google SERP for Wiki Jacking]

Let’s try some Wiki Jacking

Let’s try some wiki-jacking Matt Cutts Marissa Mayer Eric Schmidt I’ve got the wiki-nofollow plugin, so I won’t be passing any link juice, but I’m sure some of the people who scrape me aren’t using the plugin. Of course feel free to contribute in a similar fashion to see what happens. Why be jerk and do something like this, sometimes … [Continue reading Let’s try some Wiki Jacking]

Hey Google, WOW Sometimes You Really Rock!

So when I was at the Google Dance a few weeks ago I met and talked with some of the engineers. I spoke at length with one of the engineers for Google documents about feature developments/requests yada-yada-yada, and he was nice enough to give me his card. I was working with Google docs again tonight, had an issue and dropped … [Continue reading Hey Google, WOW Sometimes You Really Rock!]

Cloaking Your Hummer

While I’m generally not in the habit of outting websites who are bending or breaking the rules, when you reach the level of BMW or even Hummer the gloves are off, and you’re fair game …

A Good Accountant or a Blackhat Spammer SEO

So here’s a question for the Jason Calacanis’s and Robert Scoble’s of the world. Why is an accountant who knows the regulation and codes and takes advantage of tax loopholes that save you thousands of dollars each year good, But SEO’s who take advantages of loopholes and flaws in Google’s algorithm to bring you traffic that makes you thousands of … [Continue reading A Good Accountant or a Blackhat Spammer SEO]