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SES Paid Link Presentation

Since I’ve had so many requests here’s the presentation from the SES Paid Links Panel mgray-paidlinks-ses2007 (powerpoint)

SES San Jose Interview with Bryan Eisenberg and Lee Odden

I was chatting with Lee Odden and Bryan Eisenberg yesterday in the speaker ready room. Lee pulled out his video camera for bit of an impromtu on the spot video interview.

Wiki Jacking

Rand’s got an interesting video up about wiki-jacking watch it and then read my commentary

Webmaster Central has Problems with 301’s to a New Domain

So one of the reasons I’ve been light on the blogging is I’ve got a lot of projects going on. One of which involved rebranding a domain from a crappy hyphenated domain to a brandable/purchasable one. So I had my XML sitemap ready to go. I had my htaccess ready to go with redirects in place. I let the dogs … [Continue reading Webmaster Central has Problems with 301’s to a New Domain]

It’s Not Just SEO’s who Have Issues with the Wiki

Think it’s just whiney SEO’s who have issues with accuracy on the wiki? Not so my friend, for example Morgan Webb of Webb Alert has a problem with people who keep editing her wiki profile and perpetuating the inaccuracy that she was born in Canada. Again a resource who’s standard is citability not truth should not be trusted, by you … [Continue reading It’s Not Just SEO’s who Have Issues with the Wiki]

New Google Adwords Formula = Just Pay Us More

The lunacy that is the Google adwords formula is actually really amusing lately, let’s take a look and dissect it line by line shall we …

Universal Local Search and Direct Navigation

So here’s an interesting little discovery, type the following into your FF address bar Museum of Modern Art You should be directed to

Reinstating Your Google AdWords Account

That was the exact subject of an email I got from Google Adwords today. Um hey Google maybe you might want to chose a slightly less alarming message next time. Just because I’ve paused 99% of the ads in my adwords account doesn’t mean it’s been closed or needs to be “reinstated”.

How WordPress Makes Comments SEO Unfriendly

I love wordpress I really do it makes it really easy to publish, however the wordpress developers really need some help sometimes. It seems when there is a choice to make things SE friendly more often than not they make worst choice possible.