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Your Stories Never Go Popular Because Your Personal Marketing Plan Sucks

Yesterday Rae mentioned You’re Damn Right It’s a Popularity Contest as response to all the whinny posts about Sphinn being a popularity contest, if you haven’t read it go check it out. I’d also like to add the reason nobody votes for your stories and they never go popular is because your personal marketing plan sucks!

Google Documents Folders Bug

Not really sure what’s the best/most efficient way to get this info to the right person so I’m totally going to link and hope I show up in Matt or Adams ego surfing. In the new google documents UI if you have a lot of folders/tags (they changed tags to folders) the bottom one’s drop off the screen and you … [Continue reading Google Documents Folders Bug]

ProBlogger Job Board vs Craigslist

Recently I started working two projects where I needed to hire some bloggers. After exhausting my friends network (I’m in ur address book stealin’ ur contacts) I was still short people. So I turned to the paid job listings boards Craigslist and ProBlogger Job Board.

What You Should Learn from Rand Fishkin

You can learn lots of things reading the SEOMoz Blog, I do and it’s one of the few SEO blogs I still subscribe to, but this weekend I was reminded of two things I thought I share with you.

2007 Tour de France Winner – Wikipedia

The Tour de France is scheduled to begin tomorrow, so I was doing some research for another site and was really amazed at the favoritism Google shows Wikipedia. So I decided to break it down and show bad it really is. Below is a list of all the stops on this years Tour de France, I’ve gone through and removed … [Continue reading 2007 Tour de France Winner – Wikipedia]

How to Make YouTube work for Your Company

So say you’re a traditional SEO consultant and your looking ways to make some of the user generated content work for you and clients. I always suggest YouTube as an option and the response is usually less than enthusiastic. For most people when they think of YouTube they think of crappy lip-sync, America’s Funniest Video rejects and illegal copies of … [Continue reading How to Make YouTube work for Your Company]