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What Can You Learn From the iPhone

So you’re sitting around wishing you could have some of that iPhone traffic, but your never going to get your pages to rank in time. Well friend how about you make this a learning experience. Go to the Google trends page for June 29th. Take a look at all iPhone related searches people are doing. Wait for the next big … [Continue reading What Can You Learn From the iPhone]

Personal Account Representative With No Last Name

I just got an email from a company I like and have been using for years. The email Tells me that I have a new personal account representative. However not giving me the persons last name anywhere in the email they just sent me, is somehow less than believable. The only thing that does is make me think you got … [Continue reading Personal Account Representative With No Last Name]

I’m Just Tired of Craigslist and Wikipedia’s in Commercial Serps

If I’m looking for [private jet long island] chances are I don’t want to see craigslist crap nor do I want to see a local newsday (newspaper) article about hillary clinton defending her private jet use. I guess I should be glad I didn’t get a wikipedia listing … C’mon Google you can do better …

Reputation Management for Image Search

So I was doing an image search and came across something interesting. Looking for [Jet Blue] showed some interesting results. What caught my eye was the pictures of the failed landing gear incident. Not what I would consider an ideal image SERP. What does your an image SERP for your company, your product or your name yield? Remember what starts … [Continue reading Reputation Management for Image Search]

Blogging and Paper Clips

I was reading two posts yesterday that you would think were completely unconnected, however were really amazingly close in concept.

Using Social Media to Spot Trends

One of the often overlooked aspects of social media is that it can often be seen a pointer for developing and emerging trends.

Matt this is not an Update Cutts

C’mon Matt do we really have to have this semantics debate every time something gets changed? The this is an update, that was a data push, the other thing was a xoogler sneaking into the building, get tiring after a while. I know you don’t like calling it an update, even when it is, and then you “fix” the non … [Continue reading Matt this is not an Update Cutts]

Matt Cutts Calls me a Kitten

It’s barely audible but Matt Cutts calls me a kitten

Google Analytics Broken

Hey Google analytics did you guys monkey with something cause it’s not working in FF. I can’t change dates, I can’t drill down on search engines, I can’t do a contains search on the keywords page what’s the deal? Anybody else having a problem?

Guest on CalacanisCast

I’m going to be a guest on Jason Calacanis Podcast this afternoon, I’ll post a link when it’s up.

Google Beats Disney

I demand a recount of the hanging chads or something, because according to a recent press release Google is the most desireable place to work for undergraduates just beating out Disney … ACK!!! Say it ain’t so Mickey … Say it ain’t so …

EBay Subdomain Spammers

At SMX someone from EBay had the nerve to say they weren’t subdomain spamming, sorry I beg to differ, while looking for a white desk with a return [white desk return] I came up with one indented ebay listing followed by two additional listings, cruise to page two the non spamming continues with two more subdomains. Aren’t spamming indeed, and … [Continue reading EBay Subdomain Spammers]

Social Media and B2B

One of the people I met a SMX was Lisa Ditlefsen of SEO Chicks (did I mention I totally need an SEO Chicks shirt for when I start video blogging again). During the SMO session she asked a question about how to use social media for B2B clients. Since it’s taken me a week to write this up she’s actually … [Continue reading Social Media and B2B]

It’s Not About Buying You’re Way to The Top

When I try to combat the Google paid linking FUD one of the retorts I quite often get is “people shouldn’t be able to buy their way to the top”. I find this naive belief that business is egalitarian really very quaint.

SEO News Bloggers Introduce Yourself

Yeah yeah I’m a day late and a dollar short but this is my blog and I can do things anyway I like so just deal or skip to next post if it bothers you.

Duplicate Text and SMX

One of the people I finally had the chance to meet at SMX was Vanessa Fox of Google. We’ve been twittering for eva (ok maybe 6 months but on the internet that is forever) and I think we’re really close to becoming BFF.

Google Adds Paid Links Reporting

Google added a new section to webmaster central today entitled “report paid links”. How anyone other than me or quite possibly my book keeper know whether a link is paid or not is very questionable, but let’s dig just a little deeper shall we.

Lets Have Fun With Anchor Text Part III

Lets Have fun with Anchor text Part III click here constigratitude constigratitude click here

Having Fun with Anchor Text Part II

Let’s have some fun with anchor text part II monstigaligation click here click here monstigaligation

Having Fun With Anchor Text Part I

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