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Can You Make a Living Blogging

Today’s question comes from Joe Tao who asks: “Is it a truth, based on your experience, that anyone can make a living blogging if they understand how SEO works”

How do You Edit Your Documents

I’m working with some outside writers on some projects and having some real issues finding a WYSWIG that works in an HTML programmer free blog world.

How Easy Do You Make it to Consume Your Content

I was reading Small is the New Big by Seth Godin, and I came up wit the following question, “how easy do you make it to consume your content”?

Google Trends

I like the new Google trends feature but does anybody really believe [esoteric] is a “hot search term” for May 22 2007? Like really … a hot 20 search term … c’mon. Hey Google would it really have been that hard to make it RSS so I wouldn’t have to scrape it it …

Why Should You Experiment With New Things

Changes with Google SERPS give some interesting results make wordpress search engine friendly any questions …

Google Onebox with Maps Gone AWOL

So I was looking at something last week and I was getting onebox results with a map and three listings for [local town service]. Today I went to someone’s office and show them the onebox and the map with three local results were gone. Tried a bunch of others I know used to work in the past and they are … [Continue reading Google Onebox with Maps Gone AWOL]

Personalized Search Looking at Weblogs

So I’m looking through my stats in log programs and I’m seeing strange things. Hundreds and in one case nearly a thousand people coming from keywords that I can’t place anywhere in SERP’s. I’ve tried the MCDar data center tool and still not finding anything. I’m still looking but at this point, but my most likely candidate is personalized search. … [Continue reading Personalized Search Looking at Weblogs]

Introduction to Digg

Curiously enough during the Digg event last week I was writing my How to Use Digg. It’s up now in the Social Bookmarking section on WMW, yes it’s in the subscriber section. It’s part I of II which will be up shortly.

Building Linkbait Outside of the Box

While everyone concentrates on content linkbait one thing many people over look is physical linkbait.

How Small Bloggers Can Affect Big Companies

Earlier this week I blogged about how the company running the “the algorithm killed jeeves” campaign dropped the ball by not having done some predictive SEO and PPC. It appears somebody got my message and things have changed.

Does W3C compliance and accessibility impact your Search Engine Optimization

Douglas Karr sent me a question that I get asked pretty often so I thought I’d share it with you here: Can W3C compliance and accessibility impact your Search Engine Optimization?

Don’t Trust Jason Calacanis

It’s been five days since Jason posted his new rules on linkbaiting, five days may not be long IRL but in blog time it’s … like well forever … all I have to say is Dude Where’ My Link?

Google Love Affair with Wikipedia

Much has been said about Google algorithmic favoritism for Wikipedia. I was working on a project this weekend about celebrities, and wikipedia’s dominance in the SERP’s was nothing less than astounding.

Google Web History – More Spying From Google

I was a little busy last week and didn’t have time to respond to this, but don’t worry the Google Web History isn’t going to pass by without me taking a well deserved swipe at it.