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Forbes Article

I’m mentioned in a Forbes article about Google along with Aaron Wall and Jim Boykin

Is Google Too Powerful

Check out a guest piece I wrote over on the Context Web Blog Google: The Virtual Dictator of the Digital Economy Google’s dominant share of the search landscape puts it in a unique position. For many consumers, Google is the internet, or at the very least Google is the start page of the internet and doorway to the rest of … [Continue reading Is Google Too Powerful]

The Paid Link Blog Meme

Since it’s been over 48 hours since the last what are your 5 favorite toothpaste flavors meme I think I’m safe to start a new one. However this one’s going to be a bit different.

Michael Gray and Jason Calacanis Best Friends Forever

This story is dedicated to my best friend, and guiding mentor Jason Calacanis.

Linkbait, Reports of My Death Are Greatly Exagerated

Recently I’ve come across an increasing number of ‘link bait is dying’, ‘link bait is dead’, and ‘linkbait is so 2006’ blog posts. To those people I say, please remove your head from ass quickly, because you look ridiculous.

WebmasterWorld Social Media Tagging and Bookmarking Optimization

Since I received a few ‘hey are you ok it’s been more than 2 days since you blogged emails’ Thought I’d let you know I’m alive and doing well just buried under a mountain of work with some looming deadlines. I was also just appointed moderator of the Social Media Tagging and Bookmarking Optimization forum at WebmasterWorld. It’s a new … [Continue reading WebmasterWorld Social Media Tagging and Bookmarking Optimization]

Esca Review – Dinner with Dave Pasternack

One of the highlights of my trip to SES in New York last week was going out to dinner with Todd, Jonah, Greg, Barbara, Dax to Esca and having dinner with the REAL Dave Pasternack.

How to Be Crafty and Mask Affiliate Links

Fine since Matt started this whole thing on hiding links and how people do it in really silly ways like putting nonsense in the onMouseOver WindowStatus I thought why not have a little fun and throw out a nice tip on how to mask your affiliate links.

More Comentary On Google’s Link Policies

If you’re looking for some additional commentary stop by SEO Class for Google Wants to Tell You How to Run Your Website

How Can So Many PHD’s Be So Wrong

There’s a famous saying that if you put enough chimpanzees in front of enough typewriters eventually you’ll end up with the works of William Shakespeare. However it’s seem the largest collection PHD’s in the world at Google are having a really hard time identifying paid links and have to resort to a bit of bluffing, and creating FUD to acomplish … [Continue reading How Can So Many PHD’s Be So Wrong]

DoubleClick Becomes Part of Google Data Borg

Google paid through the nose buying Doubleclick, but man leveraging all that doubleclick cookie data into the Google data borg, that is just scary.

Social Media Advertising

Bill Flitter, Pheedo Marc Schiller, ElectronicArtists Nicole Bogas, BlogAds

What Are You Learning From Leading Edge SEO Bloggers

Here’s a question what are you learning from leading SEO and internet marketing bloggers? Are you hoping one of them drops a thinly veiled, or rather obvious tip that will let you set a “virtual cash machine” on your front lawn? If you are you just might be ignoring the real pearls of wisdom that are right there in the … [Continue reading What Are You Learning From Leading Edge SEO Bloggers]

Sponsored Review

The following post is a sponsored review for

Google Personalized Search – Don’t Become a Google Traffic Addict

Recently I was doing a bit of research on personalized search for two different projects (I love a bit of convergence) and I had a revelation, with Google’s personalized search they are creating traffic addicts for their own self interests.