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Blogging Code of Conduct … Stupid Idea

Boy it’s a good thing that someone came up with the blogging code of conduct idea, because that will almost certainly put and end to people who people who do stupid things and act like jerks … I mean really does anybody think troublemakers and rule breakers give a rats ass about rules, regulations or guidelines … rules, laws, guidelines … [Continue reading Blogging Code of Conduct … Stupid Idea]

How To Shoot Yourself in The Foot With Bad Plan and a Bad CMS Implementation

One of the biggest mistakes really large publishers make today is doing SEO like it’s 1999. They throw up hundreds, thousands, and sometimes millions of pages, with the belief that more is better. This has grown exponentially with web 2.0 and blogging apps and cross-tagging, listing and publishing content in multiple spots. Here’s an example that’s pretty typical of a … [Continue reading How To Shoot Yourself in The Foot With Bad Plan and a Bad CMS Implementation]

Competing for Attention or You’ll Never be Paris Hilton if You Aren’t Good Looking, Rich and Famous

Recently I was reading a book that a friend sent me (thanks Greg) and although it has absolutely nothing to do with the internet or marketing, it grabbed an open piece of mental Velcro.

Videos and Content

When I first started experimenting with video one of the things I was extremely concerned about was the lack of text on the page. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the results so far. SEO Bloggers Step Away From the Keyboard 47 comments Make WordPress Search Engine Friendly 47 comments I’ve also gotten a quite a few backlinks as a result … [Continue reading Videos and Content]

Loren Feldman on A List Bloggers

Loren Feldman of 1938 Media on A List Bloggers, listen up you might learn something

Merchant Circle Has Reputation Management Issue

So after reading Rae’s review of Merchant Circle, I headed on over and checked out the SERP for Merchant Circle and what I saw wasn’t pretty …

YouTube Videos is it Working?

So my wordpress video made the top 15 most linked to videos in the DIY section, and #30 in the most viewed DIY section

The Evidence for Auto Bury Builds

Seems like someone or something is out to bury me, three stories in three days all without coming close to making the homepage

Make WordPress Search Engine Friendly

Here are some tips for setting up wordpress and making it more search engine friendly, please feel free to rate the video if you like it

A Picture Creates a 1000 words

Not exactly sure how I managed to use video to make an issue more complicated, but my post on how to optimize for youtube thumbnails actually did, so go figure.

Video Optimization: Getting The Money Shot

Have you ever wondered “How can I control the thumbnail image on YouTube” here’s a quick and easy example

Video Blog Comments

Thanks for the comments both good and bad. I will be retooling so to speak and have some adjustments in next weeks segments.

SEO Bloggers Step Away From the Keyboard

Update Check out Barry’s response and SearchAnyway

Graywolf Video Blogging

I’m starting to video blog over the next few week, it’s going to take some time to get the bugs worked out so please give me your feedback

Baad Spellors Rejoyce

Looks like Google doesn’t seem to have an issue with bad spelling. In addition to ranking my website they also ranked people who linked to me with bad spelling snippets. However as far as convincing people you are trustworthy or authoritative well that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Contextual Advertising That makes me Laugh

Sometimes the ads in GMail crack me up

Ichthyosaur Didgeridoo Asterism Velutinous

ef yer wunderin whet dees es ebout cleek heer

Do Spelling and Grammar Matter

Recently DigitalGhost made a post where ended with the Gunning Fog number for the post. For you lazy SEO types Gunning fog is reading level score for a written work like a book or article. Which got me thinking does Google care about spelling, grammar and reading levels?

Logo Update

I put my new logo up this morning check it out and let me know what you think of it.

Cleaning up After the Dave Pasternack Mess

Now that the Dave Pasternack SEO contest is over it’s time to exercise some professional responsibility and clean up the mess we created.