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Google Not Afraid to Big & Ugly for Your Data

In a non logged in account in IE Google is not afraid to get big and ugly to get you to download that toolbar and start sending them data. Notice it’s almost as big as the Google logo. Is getting your hands on my data really that important to you …  

What Time of Day do You Post to Your Blog?

So I’ve got an idea in my head, that’s entering the “hey I might actually do this one” and of my biggest questions is when do I schedule my posts to go live? – Review

The following is paid review of a new program designed to help you manage, track, and analyze CPC campaigns.

Blogging in a Sound Bite World

For those people who blog daily or semi daily is there an optimal post length that keeps people reading regularly without feeling overwhelmed?

Matt Cutts Wants You To Help Fight Spam

If you needed any further evidence that Google is ramming personal search and Google accounts down your throat for their own self interests you need look no further than the latest Google Patent about removing documents.

Dave Pasternack PPC Update

I updated my Dave Pasternack ads let me know which one you like, with any luck I’ll win the best PPC prize and get to go to dinner with Webguerilla and meet the real Dave Pasternack at Esca when SES NY rolls around.   Tags: dave+pasternack, davepasternack

How Many Websites Should You Run

One of the more common questions I get asked is is it better to have one big site or a whole bunch of little sites, and my answer is, it depends.

Yes SEO’s Digg Hates You, They Really Really Hate You

In case you missed it SEOMoz had a piece on digg today Dear I’m going to save you a million dollars with three lines of code. Oh sure it bit sensational in title but the advice is sound, Matt tells Digg how to fix their “www” and non “www” cannocical issue. However some of the comments are: ArchieAndrews said … [Continue reading Yes SEO’s Digg Hates You, They Really Really Hate You]

Taking Advantage of Video

One of the things I try to tell many clients to try is experimenting with video, however they, usually shy away citing the production costs. However if Google can get away with a low production value combined with humor I think everyone can

Finding Your Inner Jerry McGuire

Publishing a blog on a regular basis teaches you many things, you experience the highs, and you also often become the victim of people who try to take pot shots at you and bring you down, however in the end it depends on how well you can channel your inner Jerry McGuire.

Google: Greed over a Rollback

Google recently announced they were updating the Adwords Quality Score, however it appears that there is a bug that raises the prices form any advertisers: Google AdWords Quality Score Has Major Bug Google AdWords Adds Quality Score Column & To Improved Quality Algorithm from Wednesday warned us of the new changes coming but apparently there is a bug that makes … [Continue reading Google: Greed over a Rollback]

The Lisa – Search Engine Conference Clothing from Lisa Barone

Are you tired of wearing the some old dud’s to Search Engine Conferences? Does that tired matching Ken & Barbie polo shirt that your boss made you wear stifle your creativity? Does that blue pinstripe business suit not allow you to show your SEO FOO? Then you may want to check out the new line of clothing designed specifically for … [Continue reading The Lisa – Search Engine Conference Clothing from Lisa Barone]

Dave Zuls – Local Search Interview

For this interview we’re talking with Dave Zuls aka Hawaii SEO who publishes a blog over at Hawaii Online Advertising.

Jason Duke – Local Search Interview

In this interview we’re talking with Jason Duke aka JasonD of

Google Analytics Hiring and Sheepwalking

So I came across something from the Google analytics page about hiring a new representative To meet Google’s exacting hiring standards, you’ll need an outstanding academic record from a highly ranked university and have a history of professional achievement. Which struck me as kind of humorous as I just read Seth Godin talking about hiring and Sheepwalking I define “sheepwalking” … [Continue reading Google Analytics Hiring and Sheepwalking]

Last Chance to Affect Dave Pasternack Contest

I’ll admit I haven’t been following the Dave Pasternack contest that strongly, but I came across Incredibill’s Dave Pasternack page today who gave a good update. There’s a little bit over 3 weeks which means this is your last shot to make any adjustments. As Bill says #1 remove or no follow any links to his page on (I … [Continue reading Last Chance to Affect Dave Pasternack Contest]

5 Ways to Promote You Local Business for $ 888 a Year

If you’ve already taken advantage of the advice in 13 Ways to promote your Local Business for Free and have a small budget you can allocate to further promote your business here are some ideas to help you get more exposure.

Lee Odden – Local Search Interview

In this interview we’re going to be talking with Lee Odden of Top Rank Online Marketing.

Rebecca Kelley – Local Search Interview

In this interview we’re talking with Rebecca Kelley of

John Andrews – Local Search Interview

For this interview we’re talking with John Andrews aka the Competitive Webmaster.