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Dave Pasternack of Spamming MyBloglog

I got a tip that our friend Dave Pasternack has taken to spamming MyBloglog now. Pretty nice, one community is his own bio page at Did-it, the other is main site and the third is his CafePress shop. Which is particularly funny because they left out the actual blog, way to go for relevancy there guys! Almost as … [Continue reading Dave Pasternack of Spamming MyBloglog]

Linked Book Review

Earlier last year Greg dropped me a note about two books I should read. One of them was Linked by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi. I added them to my Amazon Wish List but in absent minded professor form I completely forgot about them. When I sat in on Greg’s session at Pubcon he mentioned them again which reminded me they were out … [Continue reading Linked Book Review]

Graywolf’s SEO Blog Sponsor –

I’d like to announce a new sponsor here on my blog

Gmail Is it Big Enough

So I’ve been living in a brand new Gmail account for almost a month now, and I’ve grown used to it but I, see a problem on the horizon I’m going to run out of space.

Dave Pasternack of How to Fix Your Problem

The SEO space is a buzz with “SEO is/isn’t Rocket Science” and “SEO is/isn’t like Baking a Cake” and every other silly analogy anyone can come up with. Here’s the thing it’s stupid argument, not worth the effort and really worth polluting your the SERP’s for your name over. Since I offer reputation management as a service I figured I’ll … [Continue reading Dave Pasternack of How to Fix Your Problem]

Google MFA and No Way Out!

I know Werty showed something similar to this at pubcon, but this is as bad as I’ve ever seen it. 12 sponsored ads on a page and almost no way out but to click the ads. Yes I know there are two links in the upper right but well seems a bit like an MFA site to me (screen shot … [Continue reading Google MFA and No Way Out!]

GoogleBombing – Pay No Attention To The Man Behind the Curtian

Danny’s got a great write up about Google combatting Googlebombing you should read. Now Matt seems to feel that [santorum] is SEO not googlebombing, well I’ll give you it’s not quite ‘miserable failure’ but it’s close. However let’s take this time to point out a few other unintentional googlebombs and see if they still work or maybe there was a … [Continue reading GoogleBombing – Pay No Attention To The Man Behind the Curtian]

Google’s Policy on No follow and Reviews is Hypocritical and Wrong

I’m not exactly sure what caused all this secondary fuss about no-follow and reviews lately but I think it’s time someone pointed out that Google is being extremely hypocritical about the entire thing and using fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) to corral web publishers to their way of thinking.

Best Advice I Ever Received

If I keep this up I’m sure someone will call me the meme whore but since Scott’s post was so good I’ll play along.

What I Miss About Not Working at Google

I’m a curious person, I like to experiment, try new things, read and learn. You wouldn’t know it by looking at my permanent record or report card since I graduated high school 374th out of 400. You also wouldn’t know it looking at my college transcripts because I tried going to college twice and dropped out both times, but believe … [Continue reading What I Miss About Not Working at Google]

SEO Men Vs Women

I read Andy’s Lazy SEO Manifesto and and found the whole thing really amusing. I followed the conversation across a couple of places and what struck me as kind of funny is among the men, the ability to completely abandon personal hygiene and giving up wearing clothing ranks extremely high as a perk, and even something of bragging point. Bordering … [Continue reading SEO Men Vs Women]


SEOlebrity: A search engine optimization and marketing expert or guru, who’s fame and notoriety makes them recognized and sought after speaker or personality at search related industry events and functions. Having and running an A list blog is not a prerequisite, but is growing trend among many SEOlebrities.

Graywolf’s SEO Blog Premier Sponsor –

I’d like to announce my first premiere sponsor I’ve been using text-link-ads since 2005. To learn more about them, how they work, and how to get the most out of the service visit my review from a few weeks ago.

Announcing Sponsorship Advertising

Some of you folks who visit my site and don’t just read in your feed readers may have noticed the appearance of some sponsored advertising banners on my blog recently, it’s a new experiment I’m trying.

More Adwords Quality Stupidity

So exactly why do I have to raise my bids to $0.20 and $0.30 for terms like [michael gray] , [graywolf], and [greywolf] when there are only 2 other people bidding? Am I somehow not relevant for those terms?

Strange and Irrelevant Gmail Advertisements

So I’m logged into GMail and I see some strange ads down in the lower right hand corner.

Linkbait if it’s Good Enough for Forbes it’s Good Enough for Me

I’ve made no secret of my Disney fan status, in fact I have several news feeds set up to catch Disney items. Catching up in the feed reader this morning I came across the following: Top 10 luxury attractions at Disney World Top 10 luxury attractions at Disney World How to have a five-star vacation at Disney parks and resorts … [Continue reading Linkbait if it’s Good Enough for Forbes it’s Good Enough for Me]

On Hacking and Pirates

So as many of you know this site and several other SEO sites were the target of hacker using a wordpress exploit, to gain access to my site. Plain and simple the problem rests on my shoulders for not keeping my wordpress install up to date. I was at least one or two versions behind. While updating wordpress isn’t hard, … [Continue reading On Hacking and Pirates]

Why No Follow Can Break The Web

I was looking up train schedules today and came across a complete missuse of the nofollow tag. The way these two pages are set up, absolutely nointernal anchor text is passing value. This is a classic example of how “nofollow” makes the web less usefull.

Why You Should Listen to the GoodKarma on WebmasterRadio

Ok so I can get a hold Greg Niland almost anytime I want to. I can email him or give him a call, heck I had lunch with him and Rae on Saturday and am going to an Internet Marketers of New York dinner meeting with him tonight, so why the heck would I download and listen to his podcast … [Continue reading Why You Should Listen to the GoodKarma on WebmasterRadio]