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Picture Bait

Ok I am so getting out ahead of the pack on this one and am taking full credit for coining the term and of picture bait. Sure people have been doing, maybe even in very deliberate and manipulative ways, but gosh darn it I’m giving it a name, and if science has taught us anything it’s that naming something gives … [Continue reading Picture Bait]

Oddities From the Latest Google Update

Man the latest update on Google is clearly showing some odd stuff. For example on one domain I own it says the site isn’t in google at all. If I do a site: search on the domain I get 300+ pages but everything except one is in supplemental. If I look back at the page with the highest pagerank for … [Continue reading Oddities From the Latest Google Update]

Web Based Email For More than One Address

In addition to playing with my feedreader I’ve also been playing with my email lately and I’m equally frustrated at not being able to do what I want.

Viral Marketing for Long Term Sales

Over on threadwatch I recently made a comment that social media should not be used for meeting short term sales goals (link). I read an article today from Reuters that showed how giving something away to generate an early buzz resulted in more long term sales Disney learns lessons from “High School” In print and online advertising for “High School … [Continue reading Viral Marketing for Long Term Sales]

Google Adwords Telling Fibs

So which is wrong Google Zietgiest or Google Adwords, either way one of you is lying … See the top searches for 2006 and look at #5 radioblog. Try and buy the keyword here’s what you get … Price jacked to $10 and I get told the keyword is rarely included in searches (new ad not paused) … umm does … [Continue reading Google Adwords Telling Fibs]

Asking the Questions

Dean’s got a guest blogger over on his wordpress site. Jessica was nice enough to answer some questions I posted: Jessica On The Web « Speaking Freely Which do you use more email or text messaging? Texting. I send email to my grandparents. My friends all text, email is just too slow and you have to be on a computer. … [Continue reading Asking the Questions]

How to be a Dirty Digger

Ok I’ve been carrying this post around in my head for a while and am I’m finally going to spill it, here are my tips on how to completely screw your competition in a web 2.0 social media world.

If Google Ran The World

This is the way things work in the real world this is the way things would work if Google ran the world any questions …

Taco Bell and E. coli O157:H7

Since I live on Long Island in New York where some of the Taco Bell E.Coli 0157:h7 food poisoning incidents have occurred the story has been fairly front of mind for me. However I though it might be interesting to share the SERP with some of you from other spots who don’t get some of the geo-targeted advertising.

Narcissism Filter

Rich Skrenta from moved into “his own digs” at In his 5 things tag post he mentions this: …hmmm, too much I- me- my- in this post…it will never make it past the Topix narcissism filter. 🙂 I actually never considered the existence of a narcissism filter, interesting and something to consider. You might also want to read … [Continue reading Narcissism Filter]

How Do You Save Pages?

I’m a big fan of delicious I use it all the time, and I use regularly to bookmark almost everything. However today I wanted to bookmark something in the New York Times I knew I would want next year. The problem is the NEW YORK TIMES IS STUPID and they put things behind the walled garden after two weeks unless … [Continue reading How Do You Save Pages?]

Going Viral in a Social Web World

Two events caught on in the social seo web world today and I’d like to take a look at each them.

Search Engine Glossary Review

SO I was asked to take a look at Aaron Wall’s Search Engine Glossary over on

CrazyEgg By Niel Patel

Since I wasn’t in Chicago last week for SES it gave me an opportunity to catch up on my podcasts. I was listening to Shoemoney on Net Income and he had Neil Patel on talking about Crazy Egg.

Five Things You Don’t Know About Graywolf

All right so I was tagged by Dean aka Digital Ghost who was tagged by Marketing Guy who was tagged by Aaron Shear who was tagged by Avinash Kaushik who was tagged by the starter of this whole thing Jeff Pulver (I’m glad I only had to write that and not say it, whew). The object is to reveal five … [Continue reading Five Things You Don’t Know About Graywolf]

Interview with Merrick Lozano of

I know everybody says it but one of the most important parts of Pubcon is the networking. I met Mario and Merrick Lozano of PRLeap and had a great time “talking shop” one night. Merrick was nice enough to do an interview and answer a few questions about himself and his company.

What is a Compilation Post

I came across a post today that was actually pretty interesting. I’ve been trying similar things but I think this execution was really good, for lack of a better name I’m going to call this a compilation post.

Link Bait with Content

I’m not sure that it’s the best page ever but it’s a step up from Click Here you Idiot. It’s worth the read as you’ll probably get a few ideas or things to think about from it. 101 Easy Ways to use Google’s New Website Optimizer Side Note: It’s all a nice demonstration of how you can take a lot … [Continue reading Link Bait with Content]

Shoemoney and Graywolf in

Shoemoney rocks the house, but I managed to get in a name drop and few sentences in an article on Google Arbitrage Bitten By The Google Spider – Critics say the new restrictions have missed the mark, punishing people like Kris Jones who run legitimate Web sites. Search engine marketer Michael Gray says Google’s new scoring has led to … [Continue reading Shoemoney and Graywolf in]

Bad Behavior at Netscape

I fully expected things to change over at Netscape when Jason left, but man things are getting really harsh over there. I’ve talked with at least half a dozen or so people in the past week who have had accounts banned. Some have even had entire account histories wiped out, and have been banned form creating new accounts based on … [Continue reading Bad Behavior at Netscape]