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Google Click Tracking in Gmail

I can’t believe that I am the first one to notice this, and I guess it’s because I don’t use GMail regularly that I didn’t notice this before, but if they didn’t actually want your user data would Google be tracking clicks in Gmail?

Getting Buried in Digg, Not as Bad as it Sounds

Without any intervention on my part my post on What’s one Digg Worth got submitted to Digg. I didn’t plan this story but it dropped in my lap so I’m running with it. It’s absolutely the goal when working your own stories for them to stay up as long as possible, the longer they’re up the more traffic and links … [Continue reading Getting Buried in Digg, Not as Bad as it Sounds]

What’s One Digg Worth

Back in October I conducted a little test to see what the value of making it to the homepage of Digg was actually worth, here are the results:

The Domain Question for Matt Cutts

All right since Matt Cutt’s and I are well on our way to be being best friends (as is clearly shown in the picture to the right of him telling me jokes) I think it’s ok to ask the question that’s on everybody’s mind regarding the site review session, can Google see behind a private registration, and what are some … [Continue reading The Domain Question for Matt Cutts]

Adwords Quality Score Interview

If you’re interested in reading what I have to say about the adwords quality score check out An Interview With Michael Gray aka Graywolf I gave over on PPC Blog

Thinking About the Adwords Quality Score, User Data, and Organic Rankings

It’s dark, it’s late, I’m on my second red bull and I’m looking at some stats. I’m seeing things, funny things, interesting things, things that should be thought about, take a look into my thinking if you are curious …

My Website Isn’t Banned in Google

This post is a follow up to is my website banned in Google. Looking at the screen shot below you can see I’m no longer banned.

Is Google Pushing a Republican Agenda and Burying Internet Porn

Recently there have been a number of stories alleging that Google is in bed with CIA and feeding them data. Having just returned from an internet conference and speaking with some Goolge Engineers I feel pretty confident that Google’s response that they are not involved with the CIA is true, however there is a growing body of evidence that Google … [Continue reading Is Google Pushing a Republican Agenda and Burying Internet Porn]

Using Sitemaps to Combat Duplicate Content

If you talked to anyone at the recent pubcon you realized one the things that’s on everyone’s mind is duplicate content, scrapers, splogs and adsense. While I didn’t get a chance to spend any time with anyone on the Google Sitemaps team, sometimes it takes a few hours on a plane for an idea to gel.

Social Photo Sites – Mindshare not Marketshare

According to hitwise, Photobucket has 44% of the market share and flickr only has 5% (see Hitwise US: PhotoBucket Leads Photo Sharing Sites; Flickr at #6). However looking at Flickr for Pubcon and finding 1000+ photos and then finding 0 photos on photobucket for pubcon, tells me who’s winning the mindshare of web publishers. The question that remains is are … [Continue reading Social Photo Sites – Mindshare not Marketshare]


Hey Susan if you’re going to pick on Lisa for being from Longuylind at least get it right. It’s one word Longuylind not two words Long Island. Kind of like ‘Nawlins and not New Orleans. Of course one of the fun things about living on Longuylind is we have all these really cool towns with Indian Native American names that … [Continue reading Longuylind]

Pubcon Recap

This post will be my brain dump for all things pubcon.

Viral and Word of Mouth Marketing

Moderator: Todd Friesen Speakers: Rand Fishkin, CEO, SEOMoz Louise Rijk, Co-founder and Vice-President of Marketing and Sales, Advanced Media Productions, Inc. Aaron Wall, Author, SEO Book Lawrence Coburn, President, RateItAll, Inc. First up is Louise talking about how big agencies look at word of mouth marketing. Who do you trust as part of word of mouth, consumer generated media, and … [Continue reading Viral and Word of Mouth Marketing]

One Page Wonders

Jeff Libert, CEO, Ted Ulle, Partner, The MEWS Group George Kepnick, Co-Founder, First up George Kepnick, what is a one page wonder, the most common example is one of th really long sales letter you usually see with ebooks or get-rich quick, however they also are just small sites that immedeatly have a call for action. The key … [Continue reading One Page Wonders]

Yahoo Doesn’t Like Web Publishers

One of the great things about ging to Pubcon is going to great parties, meeting with lots of people, sharing ideas and doing some networking. stepped up the plate and sponsored drinks Monday night. Google was next holding a dinner and mixer tonight. Yahoo however has no love for the webmaster holding an exclusive invite only party for only … [Continue reading Yahoo Doesn’t Like Web Publishers]

Purchasing Links

Moderator: Jake Baillie Speakers: Andy Hagans, Strategiest, Text-Link-Ads John Lessnau, Founder, LinkAdage Thomas Bindl, SEO Consultant, First up Andy Hagans when buying links you want to look at different factors and measure ROI as much as possible. Buying links is an inexact science. The first thing you want to look at is the theme of the site. You want … [Continue reading Purchasing Links]

Local and Mobile Local Search

Moderator: Brad Geddes Speakers: Warren Kay, Director, Emerging Products, Yahoo! Steven Stern Jake Baillie, President, Doug Perlson, Chief Operating Officer, Seevast

Link and SEO Site Review Forum

Panelists Greg Niland, Rae Hoffman, Dixon Jones Sites in this section will have nofollow since I have no way to verify quality. First up is Sugarrae: You need to get your “www” and your non “www” redirects straightened out with 301 redirects Dixon: Using the MSN linkout command reveals he has been stingy with giving links out We … [Continue reading Link and SEO Site Review Forum]


Review Me Review

So launched last week and I have to say I think it’s an excellent idea.