Archives for October 2006 the Truth Behind the Speculation

Part of the fun and danger of the blogosphere and things moving at the speed of the internet, is quite often things get misinterpreted. Many times I intentionally leave questions unanswered, hoping to generate a little buzz with speculation to fill in th gaps. In this case however I’m goingto do the opposite, I’m actually going to give you the … [Continue reading the Truth Behind the Speculation]

Bidding on Matt Cutts as a Keyword

A few weeks ago Matt Cuts noticed someone was bidding on his name. Being the snarky wise-ass fun loving jovial type I decided to have a little fun. While it wasn’t an especially nice thing to do hopefully I can make up for that by turning this into a learning experience and showing some stats.

Contextual Ads and Pictures

I’ve lost track of what’s the current feeling on this issue. Last I remember YPN didn’t like it Adsense wanted a line separating the pics and the adverts. If I’m way off base could some one point me in the direction of a forum thread from a reliable person I’d appreciate it.

Crawling Difficulties and Error Pages

I like to put my error pages in a subdirectory usually named “error”. So any 401, 403, 404 or other errors will end up in . I also use this for other thing like database failures or things so I end up with with a hopefully human friendly explanation of what happened. In my robots.txt file I block … [Continue reading Crawling Difficulties and Error Pages]

Is My Website Banned in Google?

One of the more difficult problems to diagnose is has your website been banned or is there something else wrong? I have the unfortunate task of trying to diagnose the problem for one of my sites and I thought it might be educational to let you in on the process.

Azoogle 2.0 Interface

Sorry I’m totally not liking the new Azoogle 2.0 interface. Eye candy for the sake of eye candy. Much slower IMHO. Links aren’t underlined by default, so I have to guess where to put my mouse and hope it’s a link. I get some bizarre firefox warning error message when I try to copy the link. Putting a value in … [Continue reading Azoogle 2.0 Interface] Internet Web Hosting Sucks

They are by far the worst hosting company. They make it impossible cancel and account, and if you don’t do it correctly they will keep billing you. Think you’ll be ok when your credit card expires don’t worry they will keep billing you and eventually refer you to collections. When you call to speak to a supervisor and tell them … [Continue reading Internet Web Hosting Sucks]

Google Sitemaps for Large Scale Sites

If you’ve got a any first hand experience working with and submitting sitemaps for sites with over 50K pages drop me an email I’d like to talk with you.

Social Media – The Power of the Title

Rand made an interesting observation about a post that got “dugg” (I think he’s nailed it too). However the real gem of wisdom comes from Rob Stevens who makes this observation

Good Karma Podcasts SEO Mistakes

I’ve got my head down working on the mashup to end all mashups. However if you’re looking for some Graywolf goodness, you can listen to a podacast I did with Greg Niland on 9/28/2006, where we talk about SEO mistakes we’ve made and how to learn from them and not repeat them. Good Karma Podcast

Flickr API Help

Does anyone know of resource that shows you how to use flickr’s API that’s written in english so that actual people can understand it. Something with examples is always helpful. This from Flickr is about the most god awful thing I have ever tried to read in my enitire life.

Viral Marketing Experiments

I think viral marketing experiments are fun to watch …

The Sandbox is not the Trustbox

So I was trying to explain something to someone earlier today and had one of those zen moments of clarity …

Profiting from Social Media

Since you’re reading this chances are you know I’m a big fan of social media, and while I do like to ‘get down with my bad self’ keeping up with all the latest trends, I see lots of other people beating up on social media because they can’t correlate actions directly with profit.