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Competing for Attention Against Politics

A view of the homepage of for Saturday September 30th shows anybody competing against politics is having a tough time competing for attention. (click image to enlarge). Incase your wondering the cool screen shot was taken with the Pearl Crescent Screen Saver plugin.

Guy Kawasaki Social Media Panel

Guy Kawasaki heads a panel of teens and early twenty-something talking about a whole bunch of stuff. I think this one’s a must watch

Deep Crawling a Mini Site Part II

After correcting some “errors” in my mini-site architecture (see Deep Crawling a New Mini Site) I am happy to report posting links to all of the pages in the footer, got 90% of the site indexed in about a week. So let’s clear up some of the confusion I created. For sites that are brand spankin’ new to relatively new … [Continue reading Deep Crawling a Mini Site Part II]

Example of Why You Should Encourage Social Bookmarking

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, getting your head wrapped around social bookmarking and why it’s important is really crucial.

Good Karma Podcast

I’ll be on Greg Niland’s Webmaster Radio Podcast Good Karma Thursday September 28th at 1PM EST. Greg convinced me I was talking about my job being website coordinator for my kids elementary school, but tried to slip me a mikey so I’ll spill some secrets. Little does he know that my Google Lava Lamp contained a some iocane powder from … [Continue reading Good Karma Podcast]

Turning Bad Customers into New Business

Many moons ago before the tubes of the interweb occupied my days I worked in retail. At that time this retailer was legendary, some might say world renown for their quality, selection and most importantly customer service (sadly this is not the case today). At that time the “old man” worked with each of the managers to make sure they … [Continue reading Turning Bad Customers into New Business]

Deep Crawling a New Mini Site

Recently I launched two new mini sites and discovered something along the way.

Google Adsense Lava Lamp

I got mine, shoemoney got his so what about the other 148 of you did you get your Google Adsense Lava Lamp’s and did any get a color other than yellow? Hey thanks Google!

Does Your Follow Through Suck

This weekend I was cruising through digg and came across an example of how you can completely “ruin the ride” by not giving me what you promised.

Adwords Pricing – Things That Make You Go Hmm…

So I’m bidding on a keyword where I’m the only person running an ad. It’s getting between 1,000 and 1,500 searches a day and getting between a 3-4% CTR. I’m a little baffled how they come up with the $0.12 a click figure since there’s no one under me.

Steve Rubel Notices Lots of Wikipedia

I’ve been complaining about big sites like eBay, Craigslist and Wikipedia getting more than their fair share of wikipedia luvin’ for quite some time. Today I read a post from Steve Rubel where he notices Wikipedia is dominating brand searches.

Redirect Single Page for Search Engine Query

So if anyone reading this is an htaccess expert and can give a me a little help I’d appreciate it. I’m looking to trap for queries for a specific term from a search engine for a specific page and redirect them elsewhere. For example: if the query was* and it went to I’d like to redirect to … [Continue reading Redirect Single Page for Search Engine Query]

SEO Plugins for WordPress

This post is old and outdated, for a new version please visit SEO Plugins for WordPress Part II In the past few months I’ve gotten quite a few requests from people asking what plugins I use here and on other sites, and which ones I reccomend, so here’s my list with annotations.

Looking at Keyword Stuffing SERPS

It’s curious that this SERP highlights the word in the comments and not in the title or anywhere else in the post. As does this SERP and this SERP. However adding quotes causes this serp to drop out my site, however my 43 people profile still lists (cache). May have to do some more testing and disable comments on that … [Continue reading Looking at Keyword Stuffing SERPS]

Danny Sullivan Podcast

Hey Danny what’s up with the HTML formatting in the daily searchcast descriptions? It’s not looking cool in the ITunes interface (screen shot). Not trying to be a doofus just showing you and others, cause I’m not sure it’s what you intended, and thought it might be slightly educational.

Google Adwords, Phishing and Identity Theft Concerns

So I helped friend set up a new adwords account, and they received a letter saying blah blah we’re having a hard time linking your credit card to your address we need you to fax over a copy of the credit card and a form of id like a drivers license (that’s the summary not actual words used). We wrote … [Continue reading Google Adwords, Phishing and Identity Theft Concerns]

Google URL Searches

I’m not sure if Google is crazy stupid or crazy like a fox with the way they handle the searches for but I see it as an incredible opportunity … For example let’s look at [] if I were Pepsi, RC Cola or any other soft drink manufacturer getting my domain to list for a search for would … [Continue reading Google URL Searches]