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Does Google use Whois Information

I received an email last week from one of my readers asking me to explore the question of “Does Google use whois information”, and it seemed like an interesting topic to talk about.

Testing the OOP Part II

Well that didn’t take long [serps]

Google Adsense for Video Beta Program

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Google Adsense for video ads. Initially I was told this blog was approved, which seemed a little odd to me as the content really didn’t match. After some back and forth earlier this week they decided choose another of my websites instead. In a way I’m glad because the content of that website is much … [Continue reading Google Adsense for Video Beta Program]

The Dark Side of Social Media Optimization

Rand came out with a kick ass post on Social Media Optimization for those of you who lean a little more towards the dark side, here are some things to think about.

Testing the OOP

Just for kicks let’s see what happenes for [Aequeosalinocalcalinosetaceoaluminosocupreovitriolic serps] with this post on [Aequeosalinocalcalinosetaceoaluminosocupreovitriolic]



SEO Tips I Learned from Matt Cutts

As an SEO one of the things we often have to overcome is optimizing for the singular and plural form of the word, such as [blue widget] and [blue widgets]. Now some folks go the route of building one page for each keyword. While this can work you often end up with two very similar reading pages. Sometimes people will … [Continue reading SEO Tips I Learned from Matt Cutts]

ShoeMoney Net Income Podcast

I can’t imagine if you read this blog and haven’t heard of Shoemoney. However if you aren’t listening to his podcast you’re missing out. I can’t listen live because I’ve got some scheduling conflicts but I’m catching up on the podcast archives. My top recommended Shoemoney Net Income Episodes are: ShoeMoney talks arbitrage, PPC, and affiliates with Pepperjam Part 2 … [Continue reading ShoeMoney Net Income Podcast]

Environmentally Friendly Link Bait

One of the problems people have with linkbait is thinking they have to develop some web 2.0-ish high production value “thing”. While there’s nothing wrong with going that route and if you’re a fortune 500 company it’s going to be expected, but for almost everyone else simple is almost always better.

Link Building Tips from the Pros

In case you haven’t made your way over to Aaron’s Blog recently check out the 101 Link Building tips that he and Andy Hagans put out. It’s got some great tips that should required reading (and rereading) before you start thinking about linking.

Targeting Keywords versus Targeting Traffic

In the olden days of SEO it was all about targeting the “right keywords”. You wanted to rank for [blue widgets] you put blue widgets in the right spots, your title tags, your meta tags, you looked for a density of x%, you put your keywords in bold and italics and things were golden. While things have gotten tougher it’s … [Continue reading Targeting Keywords versus Targeting Traffic]