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The Pirate Hunter: Book Review

Avast ther’ ya scallywags, ther’ be non search related information ahead … Being something of a grayhat SEO it’s probably no surprise that I’d find a book about pirates enjoyable, in fact Mutiny on the Bounty and Treasure Island are two of my favorite books. With this being the season of excessive pirate marketing i received a copy of Richard … [Continue reading The Pirate Hunter: Book Review]

When Merchants Lose the Plot

The following is an part of an updated merchant TOS I got this week, talk about losing the plot … Partner agrees that it shall not use trademark and registered names in the title or body text of any listing,whether paid for or not, which will cause affiliate’s listing to return at the top of a query string when user … [Continue reading When Merchants Lose the Plot]

Danika Patrick

Sometimes it’s not important that you be the best in your game. Sometimes if you’re above average but are distinctive and set yourself apart you can work the magic and get lot’s of ink. Case and point Indy Race Car Driver Danika Patrick. Danika came onto the Indy Race Car scene a few years ago as a driver for Rahal … [Continue reading Danika Patrick]

SEO Experiment

Let’s see who was paying attention to Jedi Master Rand Fishkin this week and can figure out why I posted about Danika Patrick.

Google: Partner or Vendor

So I’ve been catching up with my podcast backlog and caught Greg Niland (aka GoodROI) interviewing Brad Geddes (aka eWhisper). He asked a pretty interesting question mid show “Do you see Google a partner or as a vendor you’re buying traffic from” good stuff, you can download the whole interview from Webmasterradio.

Adwords Quality Score – Why It Won’t Roll Back

I’ll admit that when I first saw the new adwords quality score I thought they were crazy, they’ll have to roll this thing back, and was not alone in this belief. However after poking ad proding the beast a little I say it’s here to stay.

Profits Murdered By Google Adwords

There’s been quite a bit of noise in the SEM space about some of the recent changes made by the Google Adwords Quality Score. I thought it might be interesting to take a more in depth look at some of my site statistics.

Looking at Link Building Tips

I’ve been busy tearing down, ripping apart, fixing, and rebuilding some of my own sites and some clients sites quite a bit lately. I’ve been neglecting my linkbuilding and decided it’s time to get back on track here are few tips you might find useful in helping you build some links.

Suggestions for Adsense

Hey Google Adsesne how about giving people the ability to call for a “fresh visit” and content reassessment so the adsense ads will target better. Sometimes we make typos or use phrase that call for the wrong ads to be delivered. Sure I can test it by throwing an irrelevant parameter on the URL but actual visitors to the site … [Continue reading Suggestions for Adsense]